Whether you're a scaffold erector, a gang supervisor or even a construction manager, you could be owed money by HMRC. Like so many people employed in the construction industry, scaffolders often find themselves travelling for work. That means thousands of workers racking up tens of thousands of miles just to do their jobs. All that travel takes money out of your pocket. What far too many people don't realise is that they can claw cash back from the taxman to soften the blow.

The government's got huge plans for UK construction over the the coming years, but the industry's already facing a serious skills shortage. Trained scaffolders are going to be in high demand, and the UK's departure from the EU's likely to mean fewer foreign workers making up the numbers. Now more than ever, it's essential to make sure there are enough workers in the industry for it to thrive. Tax refunds have a major part to play in that. By making sure the taxman plays fair, we're putting money back into scaffolders' pockets. The more we do that, the more scaffolders we'll have.