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Kick off your HMRC tax refund claim with RIFT's mileage claim calculator. Mileage tax relief is by far the largest part of most tax refund claims and refund claims can stretch back over 4 years, so it’s not too late to get back the mileage expenses you’re already owed. Enter a few details for an instant estimate* of how much you can claim back from HMRC for your work travel.

*Please note this calculation is only an estimate using the information you provided. Contact us for an exact calculation of your HMRC tax refund.

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Mileage Expenses Refund

Can I claim a mileage tax rebate?

Using your own vehicle and your employer doesn’t refund you the full 45p per mile allowance?

Using public transport to get to temporary workplaces and your employer isn’t refunding you?

If either of these apply to you, then you can claim a tax refund for your travel costs. You need to keep track of your work mileage to get back everything you’re owed, because every qualifying mile earns you some cash back from HMRC.
Keep in mind that an everyday commute to a regular workplace won’t earn you any tax back from HMRC. To count toward your tax refund, your travel needs to be to a “temporary workplace”. Generally, this just means somewhere you’re working for under 24 months on the trot.

Common examples of temporary workplaces include:

  • Builders travelling to sites.
  • Armed Forces personnel posted to bases.
  • Nurses travelling to local hospitals or clinics.

There are a few little wrinkles in the rules that can trip people up, though. For instance, if your mileage expenses and costs don’t vary much between work locations, you might find HMRC classing your whole local region as a “permanent workplace”.

Always talk to RIFT Tax Refunds if you’re not a 100% sure of your footing. We’ll make sure your claim covers everything you’re owed, without ever running into trouble with the taxman.

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Mileage Tax Relief

How much tax can I claim back for my work mileage?

HMRC sets Approved Mileage Allowance Payment (AMAP) rates for travel to temporary workplaces (where you work for under 24 months on the trot). You can claim back:

  • 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles you travel in a year.
  • 25p per mile after that.

The average mileage expenses rebate made with RIFT Tax Refunds is worth £3,000. Many people don't realise that it's not something HMRC will automatically give back to you, you have to claim it back - and know what you're claiming.

Mileage Expenses

What costs are covered by Mileage Allowance?

The mileage allowance you qualify for is based on more than just the fuel you’ve burned travelling for work. What you’ll actually get in your tax refund depends heavily on your yearly mileage, but the allowance is actually supposed to cover a whole range of essential motoring costs, like:

  • Fuel
  • Insurance and Vehicle Excise Duty (Road Tax)
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Depreciation of your vehicle’s value

Mileage Allowance

My employer gives me something toward my work mileage expenses. Can I still claim a tax refund?

Even if you’re getting something from your employer for your business mileage, you could still have tax to claim back. If you’re getting less than the AMAP rates say you should, you can claim back the difference as a mileage tax rebate. Or, there may be other tax relief for expenses of employment you can claim for too.

Company Car

I drive a company car. Can I still claim?

Yes you can! Although the rates for company cars are different but if you're paying mileage expenses yourself you could be owed. Check out our company car and mileage expenses refunds page to find out more or speak to RIFT directly.

I drive a company car

Mileage Tax Relief

Does it take a lot of paperwork to make a mileage expenses tax rebate?

The more evidence you have to back up your claim, the better. Don’t worry, though. RIFT can help put all the information together to make sure you never miss out. We can even track down tricky details about employers, travel routes or workplaces that no longer exist!
It all starts with the RIFT Mileage Expenses Calculator, so give it a go to see what you could be owed.

How far back can I claim?

What if I haven't claimed my mileage tax rebate from previous years? Have I lost my money?

Not if you’re quick on your feet! You can reclaim the tax relief for expenses of employment you’re owed from up to 4 years back, even if you’ve switched employers or gone self-employed in the meantime.

HMRC Tax Refunds

Is my work mileage the only thing I can claim a tax rebate for?

Not at all! Whenever you reach into your own pocket for the essential costs of your job, you could be owed some tax back. Upkeep and replacement of tools or uniforms, professional subscription fees and even the food you buy on-site can count toward your refund claim. Business mileage accounts for 75% of most tax rebate claims, so it’s really important to get that sorted. That’s what our Mileage Expenses Calculator’s all about. If you’re only claiming for your mileage, though, you could be missing out on a quarter of your tax relief for expenses of employment.

Get your tax refund rolling with the RIFT Mileage Expenses Calculator now. It only takes a few seconds to check what you’re owed, and the average refund comes to £3,000!


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