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£2,500 - That's the average 4 year claim. Don't miss out!


Covid-19 and your tax refund

Covid-19 is affecting everything at the moment but we want to make sure your tax refund is one less thing for you to worry about and make sure you’ve get that money into your account as soon as possible.

Getting Your Tax Refund


Glossary of terms

HMRC speak their own language. When reading through any tax forms or paperwork you receive from them, there’s a lot of jargon to wade through. In case you do need to check anything, here's a quick translation tool.


Financial Dates

Financial deadlines

Our handy calendars will make sure you never miss an important deadline. Knowing what you need to do means you'll never have the stress of running round at the last minute to get things ready for HMRC and risking forgetting something.

Dates & deadlines

HMRC Forms

Allowing us to talk to HMRC for you

The HMRC 64-8 form authorises RIFT to be your agent. This means you give your permission for us to talk to HMRC about your tax refund claim and discuss your details with them. You can find out more about how the form is used and print off a copy to sign. If you'd prefer us to send you a copy of the form to sign, then just give us a call, or get in touch on social media, and we’ll post it out to you along with a Freepost envelope to return it in.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee means you'll never lose a penny​

When you claim your tax refund with RIFT, our unique RIFT Guarantee means that you don't have to worry about the taxman reclaiming any of your money. So long as you give us full and accurate information, if HMRC disagrees with the amount that we’ve claimed and ask for the money back, we’ll pay it. It won’t cost you a penny.

RIFT Guarantee

Common FAQs

Here our top FAQs

Once we've got all your information, it usually takes about four weeks to put your claim together. We send your claim to HMRC who will reveiw your claim and then send the refund to us.

The sooner we receive your information and signed forms, the sooner you will receive your tax refund. Typically HMRC then take 8-10 weeks to process and pay out your refund to us.

As soon as we have it we send you a cheque or pay it into your bank account as you prefer.

The single biggest cause of delays in getting refunds back quickly is not getting the Authorising your agent (64-8) form back to us. If you need a new one you can download it and print it out to send back to us by Freepost. Without 2 hard copies with your signature on HMRC will not talk to us about your claim. It seems annoying, but it's a legal requirement to protect you from fraud.

Have a look at our timescales page for more information about how long it takes to get your tax refund done and some pointers for how to make things happen as fast as possible.

Remember that you can claim for the last 4 tax years and you can make your claim at any time.



A tax refund or tax rebate is "a refund on taxes when the tax liability is less than the taxes paid". In standard English this means if you've paid too much tax to HMRC you can claim it back.

By law, if you're travelling to temporary workplaces and paying to make your own way there, you could get a tax refund. On average, a 4-year tax refund claimed through RIFT amounts to £2,500.

Just answer a few simple questions and we can tell you whether the expenses you've had to pay out in the course of your work meant that you may have paid more tax than you should.

Often tax overpayment is from "hidden" things like not being reimbursed for the costs of travel or other work-related expenses by your employer. Without making a claim HMRC will not know to send it to you. It's a clunky system, we know, but that's why we're here to help.

You can also use our Tax calculator to see how much you are due if you do make a claim.


Our standard charges are:

  • Tax refund if you're employed under PAYE: 28% of refund claimed + VAT (minimum fee £45+VAT)
  • CIS Tax Refund including tax return £245+VAT
  • Self assessment from £95 + VAT (call us on 01233 628648 for a quote)

Don't worry if you had a mixture of self-employed and PAYE (employed by a company) work during the period you want to claim for. We can work out if you would be due a refund and let you know what the fee would be.

See our full list of services with prices and options.

When we receive your refund from HMRC we take out our fee and then pay it the refund to you. There are no up front charges to pay for anything. If you are not due a refund then there is no charge.

Before we send your claim to HMRC we sent a copy to you with a full breakdown of all the fees so you can clearly see:

    The total refund
    The cost of our service
    The VAT due (VAT goes to the government, it's charged on almost all goods and services)
    The amount you will receive

You will need to sign and send this back to us to say you have read, understood and agreed with it, along with a declaration that all the information you have provided about your claim is true. This means you will never be charged any fees you have not agreed to.

There are no further fees to pay, and no hidden charges.

All aftercare is included (if you need us to call HMRC on your behalf, if you have a problem you would like us to resolve with them, if your tax code needs correcting etc).

Your refund is covered by the unique RIFT Guarantee which means that whatever happens, your refund stays in your own pocket and will never go back to HMRC. If we fight any HRMC enquries for you (which is included free of charge) and if they did demand any money back, we would pay back the refund to HMRC ourselves.

We will also send you a reminder when it's time to see if you have a claim next year.

You can reach us on the phone or Livechat   

  • Mon-Thurs: 8:30am – 8:30pm
  • Fri: 8.30am – 6:00pm
  • Sat: 9:00 – 1:00pm

You can email us or send us a question or feedback through our contact page at any time and you can leave us a private message through our Facebook page.

A tax return is a form you use to tell HMRC about your earnings and expenses. It's a complete overview of the taxable income you've made and the costs of doing business you've faced.

A tax refund is money HMRC gives back when you've paid too much tax. There are several reasons why you might overpay, and you often have to file a claim and prove you did.

There’s basically no acceptable excuse for missing self assessment tax return deadlines, even if you don't owe HMRC anything. If you miss the deadline there are a number of self assessment tax return penalties that you could be hit with:

  • £100 automatic fine for filing even a single day late,
  • £900 in penalties can stack up over the next three months
  • £3,000 for each year you can’t provide the necessary records

We’re here to take care of everything - from completing your tax return, through calculating any refunds due, to speaking to HMRC on your behalf. You can also get more self assessment tax return tips and advice here with some clear "dos" and "don'ts".

Find out more about self assessment deadlines and penalties.

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Wondering if you can claim a tax refund or need to submit a tax return? Use our online tools to find out if you're owed money by HMRC.

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