Uniform tax rebates (sometimes called uniform benefits or HMRC uniform allowances) are a special kind of tax relief for people who have to clean, repair or replace specialist work clothing. There are specific rules about who qualifies for it and what counts as a "uniform", but they're not always clear. As a result, a lot of people are missing out on years' worth of tax rebates totalling hundreds of pounds or more.

In order to get a uniform tax rebate, you've got to:

  • Wear specialised clothing for work. It doesn't necessarily have to be overalls or a suit, but it does have to be a necessary part of your job. Wearing a chicken costume when you're a performer in an amusement park would probably qualify. Wearing one when you're an accountant might not.
  • Pay for the laundry or upkeep yourself. If the money isn't coming out of your own pocket, you can't claim back tax on it.
  • Pay Income Tax. Again, this is just common sense. You can't claim back tax you aren't paying in the first place.