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New Remind Your Friends

NEW FEATURE: Give your friends a quick nudge so they don’t miss out!

With the cost of living soaring, it’s more important than ever to look out for each other. That’s why we pay out cash rewards when you refer your friends to us.

Often, all it takes is a quick nudge to get things back on track when a mate hasn’t started their claim yet. You asked for a way to handle that through the app, and we’ve delivered!

If your friend hasn’t been in touch with RIFT after 1 week, you’ll now see a “send reminder” link under their name. Just tap the link and we’ll do the rest.

Log into the app today and see if you have any friends that need a nudge.

Tracking Your Referrals

There's lots of information in our App that makes it easier for you to track the referrals you make with us.

Our exciting features let you easily see:

  • All the people you've referred 
  • Who's started their claims (and who hasn't!)
  • How much you’ve earned
  • When you were paid
  • Whether you're in the Gold, Silver or Bronze cash prize draw
  • The latest competitions and prizes you can win

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Make your referrals with zero hassle

Use your app to help your friends get their refunds, keep track of your referral payments and check your prize draw status.

  • 2/3 people who are due refunds still don't realise that they are missing out and need to claim

  • Letting them know you've made a claim and you can recommend someone to help them do the same will give them the confidence to claim

  • Mates look out for each other - so make sure yours aren't missing any cash from their pay packets


Help a friend or colleague to get their refund started. Use the app to:

  • Refer your friends to RIFT with zero hassle – even directly from your contacts list!

  • Get a full breakdown of how much you’ve earned, what payments you’ve had and how many friends you’ve referred.

  • Check the progress of your referrals at a glance.

The Activity Tab

Whether you refer your friends through the app, by phone or over the web, you’ll see all the details here.

A tap on the “status” tab will let you know which of your mates have got back to us, which have started their claim and which already have their refund cash.

Using the Activity tabs you can see list of which referrals you've been paid for, who has a claim in progress and who has yet to respond.

Now’s a good chance to nudge anyone who hasn’t contacted us yet, so they don’t miss out.

See the rewards of friendship

On the app you’ll get a full breakdown of what you’ve earned, the payments you’ve had and how many friends you’ve referred to RIFT.

We’ll also let you know about the extra cash you could win in our regular prize draws – and whether you qualify for the Bronze, Silver or Gold prize tiers.

Need more help?

Wondering if you can claim a tax refund or need to submit a tax return? Use our online tools to find out if you're owed money by HMRC.

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