HMRC tax rebate - Am I due a tax rebate?

A tax rebate is simply money you can claim back when you've paid too much tax to HMRC. Lots of people end up being owed money back from the tax man, especially if they travel to temporary worksites, but many never get it back. It's not enough just to tell HMRC you've paid too much. You have to prove it before they'll pay up - and that's what lots of people find tricky. It's also where RIFT can help.

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When you claim your tax rebate with RIFT, our unique RIFT guarantee means that you don't have to worry about the taxman reclaiming any of your money.  So long as you give us full and accurate information, if HMRC disagrees with the amount that we've claimed and ask for the money back, we'll pay it.  It won't cost you a penny.

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HMRC Tax Rebates

Am I due a tax rebate?

A lot of people never realise they’re due a tax rebate for their work expenses. The truth is, many of the everyday costs you’re running up just doing your job can count toward tour refund, like:

  • All your essential work travel.
  • Any accommodation or food bills stacking up while you’re travelling for your job.
  • Laundry costs if you wear a uniform or specialised clothing for work.
  • Cleaning, repairing or replacing any tools or equipment needed for work.
  • Necessary subscriptions and membership fees, from professional bodies to training courses.

When it comes to the essential expenses of your work, if you’re reaching into your own pocket for it, it could count toward your tax refund. Get in touch with RIFT to kick off your claim. Even if you’ve never claimed a tax refund before, you could still claw back up to 4 years’ worth of overpaid tax with RIFT! If the idea of gathering receipts seems like too much hard work, you can cut the red tape even further by claiming Flat Rate Expenses. Again, just give RIFT a shout and leave the heavy lifting to us.

''Am I due a tax rebate?'' is the most common question we get asked every year at RIFT. For most British taxpayers, it’s a tricky one to answer. The laws around tax rebates are tough to get your head around if you’re not an expert - but RIFT's free online tax rebate calculator is an excellent first step toward getting back what you’re owed with no fuss or hassle.

When you join the RIFT family, you’re teaming up with the only tax specialists ever to be awarded the prestigious ServiceMark from the Institute of Customer Service. We’re proud of our world-class service – and also of the fact that 90% of our clients help spread the tax refund love to their friends and families by recommending RIFT.

HMRC Tax Rebates

How to claim a tax rebate?

The best way to claim your tax rebate is to talk to RIFT. We'll guide you through the whole process and make sure you get back what you're owed. With our help, advice and guidance, the process of claiming is simple and stress-free. RIFT will:

They get back the tax they're owed and you get a cash reward from us!

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HMRC Processing Time

How long does it take to get a tax rebate from HMRC?

  • It can take HMRC 8-10 weeks to process your tax rebate.
  • We have 7 dedicated teams who work hard to maximise your rebate and get it to you fast.
  • The sooner you start your tax rebate claim and provide the information we need, the sooner you get your cash back.
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Tax Rebates

Are tax rebate automatic?

Sometimes, tax rebates happen automatically. When they do, it means HMRC knows that you’re owed some cash and is taking care of it for you. The taxman will send you a form called a P800 tax calculation to explain what’s happening. Your P800 shows how much you were supposed to pay in tax, and if you’re owed some back you’ll get it automatically.

Of course, there’s another side to the taxman’s coin. If your P800 shows you haven’t paid enough tax on your earnings, HMRC will set out to settle the books. Generally, they’ll either change your tax code to get the money back through the PAYE system or give you the option to pay it off directly.

Again, though, all of this assumes that HMRC knows there’s a difference between what you owe and what you’ve paid. If, for example, you stop working part-way through a tax year, the tax you’ve paid through PAYE will probably be too high. This happens because the tax deducted from your pay each month is calculated on your expected earnings for the whole tax year.

Your tax can also be wrong if you’ve been given a temporary or emergency tax code, or if your employer makes a mistake. This sort of mistake won’t normally get fixed automatically by HMRC. They can’t pay you a refund unless you can prove that you’re owed one. Talk to RIFT if you think your tax code’s messed up. We’ll check it for you and get it fixed if it’s wrong.

The other main reason why HMRC might not refund your tax automatically is because they don’t know about your work expenses. That’s why the refund claims system exists. To get back what you’re owed, you need to prove to HMRC how much you’ve been spending on allowable work expenses. That means getting receipts for your work travel costs, along with other essential expenses, whether that’s food and accommodation when you’re on the road for work or the cost of repairing or replacing any tools or other gear you need. You’ve really got to know the system to make the most of your tax refund, so get in touch with RIFT to see what you could claim back.

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How much will my tax rebate be?

How much will my tax rebate be worth?

On average, our clients get £600-£800 per year, and we can claim tax back for the last four complete tax years.  So your first claim could be worth around £2,500. Find out for free if you qualify for a tax rebate, click on the red button below to get started with our HMRC tax calculator. In less than a minute you'll get an estimate of your tax rebate value.

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Are HMRC tax rebates legal?

Are tax rebates just a way of ''cheating the system''?

No – absolutely not! A tax rebate is YOUR money, which HMRC is holding onto. Worries like this are one of the key reasons why people miss out on their own cash, and it has to stop. RIFT will never submit a claim for anything you aren't genuinely owed. Remember, HMRC isn't trying to cheat you. They just don't always have the information they need to get their sums right. RIFT makes sure that your rebate claim is completely accurate, so you never have to worry about the taxman making a fuss.

What's more, as long as you've been straight with us, your rebate is fully protected by our RIFT Guarantee. Even if HMRC ever did demand some of it back, the Guarantee means we'd pay it out of our pockets, not yours.

RIFT Guarantee

Tax Rebates

What's the difference between a tax rebate and a tax refund?

Most of the time, when people mention “tax refunds” and “tax rebates” they’re actually talking about the same thing. When you’ve paid too much tax to HMRC, usually through the PAYE system, you can claim some back.

If you want to get super-technical about it, a tax refund is the money you actually get back from HMRC when you’ve overpaid, while a tax rebate can also carry the meaning of a reduction in the amount you owe. In practical terms, though, people use the terms pretty much interchangeably.


What are RIFT's prices?

Our standard charges are:

Don't worry if you had a mixture of self-employed and PAYE (employed by a company) work during the period you want to claim for.  We can work of out if you  would be due a rebate and let you know what the fee would be.

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