Am I due a tax refund?

A tax refund or tax rebate is the money that you get back from HRMC if you paid too much in tax. By law, if you're travelling to temporary workplaces and paying to make your own way there, you could get a tax refund. On average, a 4-year tax refund claimed through RIFT amounts to £2,500.

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Do you qualify for a tax refund?

£2,500 - That's the average 4 year claim. Don't miss out!

Am I Due A Tax Rebate?

Tax rebate experts since 1999

We've helped claim back over £153 million of over paid tax from HMRC since 1999 for over 55,000 people just like you. There are no hidden costs and all aftercare is included. We're the only company in the tax refund business to have been awarded the ICS Service Mark for outstanding customer service. It makes no difference what your job is; if your employer doesn’t pay your travel expenses in full, you could get a tax rebate.  

It doesn't even stop with travel. You might be owed expenses for things like washing your work uniform or buying your lunch that you could claim a tax refund for. RIFT Refunds can even get tax refunds if you've been made redundant or for jobs you've left, if they were in the last 4 years. We’re the experts in claiming tax refunds, so get in touch to see if you can get a tax rebate and save income.

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Armed Forces or MOD personnel can claim against travel expenses on to temporary postings of under 24 months, even outside the UK. Using either your own vehicle or public transport counts and it's totally free to see if you qualify. The average 4 year tax refund is £2,500.



PAYE Construction workers making their own way to temporary workplaces (under 24 months) can claim a tax refund against travel and other expenses like meals, lodgings and protective clothing. The average RIFT Refunds 4-year rebate is £2,500.



Construction workers using the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) can claim tax refunds for travel expenses to temporary workplaces. Overpaid tax can be claimed back for the last four years and the RIFT average annual rebate is £2,000.



When you fly out to your platform, do you drive or get public transport to the airport or heliport? If so, there's a good chance you're due a tax rebate on your taxes to cover the costs. It's free to find out if you qualify and the average 4 year tax refund claim with RIFT is £2,500.



Workers in the security industry who travel to different workplaces could well be owed a tax refund. If your employer doesn't pay you the full allowance for travel expenses that you're entitled to, then you could be due a tax rebate. The average 4 year tax refund claim is £2,500 with RIFT.



If you are a healthcare worker for the NHS or a private healthcare company, you can claim a tax refund for certain travel costs. The average 4 year healthcare worker tax refund claim is worth around £2,500. You could even claim for other expenses like washing your uniform.



Professionals in sport can claim a "sports player tax refund" on their expenses. Often, that means travel costs, but other expenses such as kit, medical treatment and accommodation are allowed. It is totally free to find out if you qualify for a claim and the average 4 year tax refund claim with RIFT is £2,500.



Anyone who travels to temporary places of work, pays some or all of the travel costs themselves, and is employed PAYE can qualify for a tax refund. Those we help most often include mechanics, teachers, warehouse operatives, cleaners, drivers, those qualify for SED, or who work in catering, childcare, retail & sales.



With RIFT's Self Assessment tax return service, we do all the paperwork for your annual returns. Whether you're self employed or need to do a tax return for any other reason there are no deadline worries, no costly mistakes or misunderstandings and no missed opportunities.


Tax refunds done right

See how easy it is to get a tax refund with RIFT

At RIFT we make tax refunds easy, doing all the legwork so you don't have to. We know your time is valuable so we deal directly with HMRC on your behalf. Last year we made 62,635 calls to HMRC - that's a total of 5,290 hours on the phone! Just tell us about your work,  your travel and yourself and we take care of the rest.

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Here's what some of our customer have to say about their experience with us

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Tax Refunds

Why do you get a tax refund?

There are lots of reasons why you might pay too much tax and be due a tax rebate. You might have work expenses like travel costs or be due a uniform tax rebate for taking care of a uniform, for instance. You might be paying subscription fees to professional bodies, or maintaining the essential tools of your job. Even if you aren't paying for work costs yourself, you might still be owed a tax refund. For example:

  • You might only have been employed for part of the tax year.
  • You might have been issued the wrong tax code.
  • You might be self-employed and your payments on account are too high.

These are just a few examples. Tax law can be complicated, and many people end up paying too much tax without even knowing it. If HMRC discovers a mistake, they can often help you. If they don't know that you're owed money, though, you have to claim it back yourself.

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Are tax refunds automatic?

Some kinds of tax refund are taken care of for you by HMRC, assuming they know you're owed money back. When this happens, you'll get a P800 tax calculation from the taxman. The P800 will tell you how much HMRC thinks you should have been taxed. If you've paid more than that, you'll get sent a refund automatically. On the other hand, if they think you haven't paid enough, they'll take action to get the rest from you. Typically, this will mean a change in your tax code, although you'll sometimes get the option to pay it directly.

You might also be owed a tax refund if you stopped work part-way through the year, or have a temporary or emergency tax code. If HMRC or your employer makes a mistake, your tax code might even just be flat-out wrong! Again, HMRC won't give you your money back unless they know you've overpaid. If you think this applies to you, talk to RIFT to see what we can do about it. We're on great terms with HMRC, and can take care of all the messy details for you.

If you're owed a refund because of travel to temporary workplaces or other allowable expenses, however, things are different. HMRC won't pay you back automatically, because they won't know how much they owe you or why. When that happens, you have to do some legwork yourself to get your money back. That means keeping records, holding onto receipts and learning the rules on what you can claim for. This is what RIFT Tax Refunds is all about, so get in touch to see how much you're owed.

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Tax Refund Check

Checking my tax

Whether you're self-employed or working PAYE, it's important to check your tax. It's easy to end up paying too much, so you need to be sure you're getting it right. With RIFT checking your taxes, you'll always know they're being worked out correctly. You'll be claiming for all the expenses you're entitled to, and getting the best out of any refund you're owed. 

You can check our online tax refund calculator to see if you qualify for a rebate, or get in touch with RIFT directly. When you're ready to make your claim, we'll guide you through the whole process. If you need to file a Self Assessment tax return, we'll get that sorted for you. We'll check your tax code to make sure it's right, and get your claim submitted before the deadline.

With RIFT, you'll always know which records and paperwork to keep to prove your claim. If you've missed out on claiming tax refunds before, we can even help you get money back for the last 4 years!

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Tax refund check

Reclaiming overpaid tax

There are lots of reasons why you might be owed a tax refund. Maybe you stopped working part-way through the tax year. Maybe you've got work-related expenses that you shelled out for yourself. Whatever the reason, RIFT will help you get back everything the taxman owes you.

Many (but still not enough) people already know that there are certain things they can claim tax relief for. However, even with professional advice from accountants they still don't get back everything they're entitled to. As the UK's leading tax experts, RIFT have the specialist knowledge to put all that money back in your pocket.

While a traditional accountant might be helpful in claiming a tax refund on your work travel, you could easily miss out on other key claims. We often see people losing up to £500 per year to the taxman because they weren't told they could claim against their meals! With RIFT, you can be sure the taxman never hangs onto more of your money than he's due.

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Tax refunds advice

How far back can I claim a refund?

HMRC's rules for tax refunds say you can claim your cash back for the previous 4 tax years. It doesn't matter what you're claiming for, or whether you changed employer in that time or spend periods self-employed or out of work. A lot of people get put off claiming for more than one year by the paperwork involved. It's actually a lot less hassle than it seems, and it can make a huge difference to your refund. RIFT can even talk to your past and present employers to dig out the key details we need for your claim. Even if the company has since gone out of business there are still ways we can help you.

When you're thinking through your work expenses for the last few years, don't forget that it's about more than just travel. In addition to the costs of using your own vehicle or public transport, you can also claim for things like food, accommodation and more. We know it sounds like a lot of bookkeeping, but with just a few basic details we can do all the heavy lifting for you. To keep things really simple, you can even use "Flat Rate Expenses" for some of your costs. These are set amounts that HMRC has decided are fair for various work-related expenses. Again, talk to RIFT to see what the best option for you is.

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Tax Refunds Advice

Claim tax back online

Claiming tax back online is probably the simplest way to get your money back in your pocket. To make a tax refund claim online, you need to visit the HMRC website and sign into your Government Gateway account. If you have a P800 tax calculation saying you've overpaid, you should be able to get it refunded fairly simply.

If you don't have a P800 calculation form, it means the taxman doesn't know you've paid too much. You may still be able to claim back your tax online, but you'll need some proof to do it. RIFT can show you the ropes, and even put your online tax rebate claim together for you.

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Extra cash for you and your mates for New Year

Help your mates get a tax refund to kick off the new year - and get an extra £50 in your own pocket! At RIFT, we love it when happy clients tell their friends about us.

We love it so much that we reward you for doing it! To thank you we'll give you £50 for everyone you recommend (T&Cs apply) who claims with us, but we'll give you a bonus of an extra £150 if 5 people do.

That's £400 in your pocket as well as the warm glow you get from helping out your mates. Help your workmates out now and you'll both get some extra cash to kick off 2017.

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Simply enter your friend’s name and email address on our referral form, and we’ll send them a one off email to let them know you think RIFT tax refunds could help them.

  • If they get in touch and claim a refund, we’ll send you a £50 reward for your help.
  • And for every 5 you send that claim, you get an extra £150 bonus. 

Ask us any questions on Facebook, Livechat or call us on 01233 628648.

Tax Refund Advice

How many years can I claim for?

Currently you can claim tax back for the following tax years:

  • April 2013/14
  • April 2014/15
  • April 2015/16
  • April 2016/17

You can find out more about whether you are due a tax rebate by taking our simple test or read more information below. You can get an idea of what you might be able to claim back from our tax refund calculator.

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Tax Refund Prices

How much does a tax refund cost?

  • Tax Refund if you're employed under PAYE: 28% of Refund claimed + VAT
    (Minimum fee £45+VAT)
  • Tax Refund with Tax Return for Self Employed (including CIS): £245 + VAT

Often people wonder 'Are tax refunds legal?' and the answer is 100% yes! We take the hassle out of tax, making sure that you get back all the money you’re owed.

Have a look at our full list of services and prices. It costs nothing to find out if you have a claim.

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Can I claim back tax for cleaning any clothes I use for work?

Yes, if you wear a uniform or specialised clothing for work, you can claim a uniform tax rebate. There are basically 2 ways for going about it, depending on what suits you. If you don't mind a little paperwork, you can keep receipts whenever you pay for cleaning or repairing your work clothes. When it's time to claim your tax refund, you can use these to prove to HMRC how much you paid from your own pocket.

The other way to claim your tax back is with the simplified Fixed Rate Expenses system. Basically, the taxman has come up with a rough guess at what it costs to keep your work clothes in good condition. Instead of keeping receipts and crunching numbers every time you pay for cleaning or repair, you can just use HMRC's figures.

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Can I claim for cleaning any clothes I use for work?

No. You can't claim a refund for your basic household laundry bills, even if you wear those clothes to work. The tax rebate only counts if the specific clothes you're claiming for are an essential part of your job.

We're talking about things like clothing with company logos on it, or any uniforms or protective clothing you're required to wear.

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Can only specific industries claim uniform tax rebates?

No, it doesn't matter what industry you work in. As long as the clothes are specifically required in order to do your job, they're covered by the tax relief rules and you can claim a uniform tax rebate. The system covers everyone from police officers and security guards to cleaners and healthcare workers. Even buying work-approved shoes and socks can count for your tax refund claim. As long as they're essential and not provided for you free by your employer, you're covered.

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Can I claim the cost of meals for my tax refund?

Yes, when you're travelling for work, the money you spend on food is an allowable expense. It's worth claiming it, too. On average, you could be looking at an additional tax refund of £250-£500 per year!

Of course, you have to eat anyway, and HMRC won't pay for just any food you grab at work. The rules apply only when you're travelling to temporary workplaces. All it takes are a few good habits to claim your food tax refund, but you do have to keep some records.

Remember, it's not just the daily tenner you're forking over for your lunch that counts. Everything from the cup of tea you bought before you started work to your well-earned afternoon snack can qualify. Your records could be receipts, meal tickets or mini-statements from cash machines. Even a photo of the price board or menu can be helpful in tracking your spending. What's important is that you can show the taxman what it's costing you to do your job. HMRC won't try to cheat you, but they do need you to back up your refund claim.

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How does it work?

Tax refund calculator

Use our tax refund calculator to find out what you're owed.

Are you due a tax refund?

Are you due a tax refund?

Online tax refunds

Get refunds for your mates and earn extra cash.

RIFT Tax Refunds

Find out more about RIFT.

Tax Refunds Advice

How do I get a tax refund?

If you're trying to get a tax refund from HMRC, then you'll need to prove you've overpaid. If you're trying to get tax back for travel expenses to temporary workplaces, a list of everywhere you've worked is a good start. Beyond that, any evidence you can stock up will help prove and speed up your tax refund claim and get you your money back.

Remember that lost documents can often be replaced. Banks should be able to give you copies of statements, and even things like invoices can be reproduced, all helping you get a tax refund from HMRC as quickly as possible. If you can save your documents along the way then even better.

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Tax Refunds Advice

Why can't I get a tax refund?

  • If your employer pays your travel expenses in full, or you only work in one location for an employer, you won't have overpaid the tax.
  • If you're self employed, the rules are different, and there are other expenses we may be able to claim for you. You can find out more about self employed tax returns and tax returns explained on our pages here.

Tell us a bit about your situation and we can quickly let you know if you should claim a tax rebate. Even if you get a mileage allowance, if it’s not at HMRC's standard rate you can claim the difference in tax back!

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Our guarantee

Our guarantee means you'll never lose a penny

When you claim your tax refund with RIFT, our unique RIFT Guarantee means that you don't have to worry about the taxman reclaiming any of your money. So long as you give us full and accurate information, if HMRC disagrees with the amount that we’ve claimed and ask for the money back, we’ll pay it. It won’t cost you a penny.

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Wondering if you can claim a tax refund or need to submit a tax return? Use our online tools to find out if you're owed money by HRMC.

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