Tax Rebates for Police Officers

As with so many other UK professions, working in the Police Force can mean you end up paying too much tax. When this happens, you can claim it back from HMRC. Most tax refunds involve travel costs to and from temporary workplaces (where you work for under 24 months). However, there are many more necessary expenses Police Officers can claim back tax for, whether they're uniformed or not.

Police Officer Expenses

Which expenses can Police Officers claim tax relief for?

Working in the Police can involve some essential expenses – costs you're paying out just to do your job. Work-related use of your own vehicle (excluding your normal commute) can be one of the big ones. There are set rates from HMRC that you can claim back for these costs, up to 45p per mile. It might not sound like a lot, but it stacks up over the years.

Professional fees also qualify you for a refund. You can claim tax relief for the whole cost of your Police Federation subscription, for example. There are separate rules for the Metropolitan Police about this, though. Check with RIFT if you're not sure where you stand.

Other expenses that can count toward your tax refund claim include repair, cleaning or replacement of a range of items. Things like uniforms, protective gear and small pieces of equipment can all count, for instance. You do have to be paying these costs yourself, though.

There are also specific rules for dog handlers. If you take your police dog to and from work in your own car, or take it somewhere else to exercise it, you might have some tax relief to claim.

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How to claim a tax refund

Is there a simpler way to claim tax rebates?

Yes. Tax rebates can often include shuffling a lot of receipts and other paperwork. However, most Police Officers can claim agreed flat rate tax relief on up to £140 of expenses per year. At the 20% tax rate, that translates to £28 a year back in your pocket. Again, it might not seem like much, but it's your money and there's no reason to let the taxman hold onto it.

Left the force?

I've already left the Police Force. Is it too late to claim my tax refund?

No! Tax refunds can be claimed back for up to 4-years, even if you've already left the police force. That's why we always say it's worth reclaiming even the smaller amounts you're owed. If you haven't made a claim before, those supposedly “insignificant” sums can mount up over years.

If you're already retired and drawing a pension, then you'll probably have to file a Self Assessment tax return to get back what you're owed. RIFT can help get you set up for that, and do all the legwork for you to get your money back.

Keep in mind that tax refunds aren't exclusive to the police. If you're moving into security, for instance, you've got a whole new range of allowable expenses to claim for. Uniforms, equipment and even Security Industry Authority licence fees can contribute to your refund. Talk to RIFT to find out what you're owed, and how to get it back where it belongs.

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