Tax Rebates for Painters and Decorators

If you are a painter or decorator you could be due a tax rebate. We have claimed back £2.54 million in tax refunds from HMRC for painters and decorators in the UK since 1999 and the average refund is £2,593.

Painter and Decorator Tax Rebates

How much do painters and decorators get back in their tax refunds?

Whether you're skilled in house renovations, a qualified new build decorator or a specialist in bridge painting or heritage work, the taxman could owe you money. We’ve claimed back £2.54 million for painters and decorators in the UK so far. The average refund for our painter and decorator customers is £2,593.

There’s about £180 million sitting at HMRC each year waiting to be paid to back to people who have paid tax on the cost of travelling to work. You can use our tax refund calculator to find out if some of that is owed to you.

Tax Calculator


What expenses can a PAYE painter or decorator claim back tax for?

Travel is an enormous part of the job for painters and decorators. HMRC says that any location you work at for under 24 months can count as a "temporary workplace".

When you're paying for your travel, either via your own vehicle or public transport, you can claim back tax on what you're spending. You can even claim if your employer's giving you something to cover your costs. HMRC has set rates you can claim for the miles you're travelling, but if what you're getting from your work is less than the full amount, you can reclaim the difference from the taxman.

On top of travel, there are other costs that count toward your tax refund claim. If you wear a uniform or specialised work clothing, you can claim for cleaning, repairing or replacing it. The same goes for any tools or safety gear you need.

You can even claim for membership and subscription fees to certain professional bodies. It all stacks up, and it's your money so there's no reason not to claim it back.

Being Self Employed

Can self-employed painters and decorators claim a tax rebate?

Absolutely! RIFT has a specialist Construction Industry Scheme team to help you. Under CIS, you're losing 20% of your money before you even get it. As a result, it's easy to end up not getting the full benefit of your tax-free Personal Allowance.

RIFT has a dedicated specialist CIS Tax Refund team. We can sort your your CIS tax returns for you, and make sure you always get back what you're owed.

When you're self-employed, you have to spend a lot of money to keep yourself in business. All these essential costs can count against the profits you're paying tax on. Understanding the full scope of allowable expenses is as much an art as the job itself. That's why RIFT has put together the UK's leading tax experts to tackle the taxman for you.

Becoming a painter or decorator

Thinking of setting up as a painter or decorator?

The UK is facing a huge skills shortage across the entire construction industry right now. That means we'll need an estimated 111,000 new skilled craftsmen between now and 2021. Add that to the 47,500 new plasterers, 55,500 specialist building operatives and 73,000 stonemasons we'll need and you start to see the tip of the iceberg.

It's incredibly important to make sure that the industry thrives on all levels - private, commercial and industrial. By keeping the taxman honest, tax rebates have a crucial part to play in that. Basically, the more money we can put back in their pockets, the more painters and decorators we'll have.

If you need advice about getting yourself set up in business, moving from PAYE to CIS or stopping self-employment and moving to working full time employment then we’re here to give you all the advice you need and make sure you are keeping your hard earned cash in your pockets.

Need more help?

Wondering if you can claim a tax refund or need to submit a tax return? Use our online tools to find out if you're owed money by HMRC.

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