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What Does MyRIFT Do?

We’ve been asking our customers what we can do to make the whole thing easier, and almost everyone said “We want to do it online!”, so we’ve created the new MyRIFT where you can:

Record your travel and expenses information to start your claim today

  • Create an account to manage your claims
  • Receive alerts for when to send us information
  • Update your info throughout the year to make claiming even faster


Why use MyRIFT?

We love MyRIFT for all the same reasons you will:

  • It’s reliable, secure and puts you in control
  • It’s simple, friendly  and easy to use
  • It’s available on mobile, desktop and tablet

Our customers have told us the things they like best are:

  • It’s stress free, you can use it whenever and wherever you have an internet connection.
  • It’s quick to update, no more wasting hours rummaging for old paperwork, packing it up and taking it to the post office


Is MyRIFT Secure?

Restore points and daily back-ups keep everything safe, and you'll never lose your information, even if your receipts catch on fire or your laptop comes down with a virus. Once you try it, we know you'll love it too.

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