When we announced back in April 2018 that we'd pledged our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant, we said up-front that we were throwing our full weight behind it. Our goal was to reach their Silver status by the summer, and we did so with time to spare. This was a significant milestone for us, but the journey continues and we’re only picking up the pace. As MD Bradley Post puts it:

“RIFT's support for Britain's Armed Forces doesn’t end with the £71 million we've already reclaimed for former and serving MOD personnel. Our partnership with ABF The Soldiers' Charity means promoting and participating closely in their work - on top of nearly £250,000 we’ve donated to the charity directly.”

With so many people on our staff coming from military backgrounds or families, signing up to the Armed Forces Covenant was a natural and appropriate step for RIFT – and a reflection of the respect we hold for those who risk their lives defending ours. Working toward Silver status meant taking an even closer look at what we could do to fight for the fair treatment of Service personnel and veterans. We already go to great lengths to support that goal out in the wider spheres of industry and society, but it's equally essential to make that same difference within our own business.

The RIFT Pledge to support the Armed Forces

RIFT uphold the fundamental principles of the Armed Forces Covenant which are to ensure that no member of the military community faces a disadvantage in terms of services provided, and that special treatment may be given such as in cases involving the injured or family of bereaved.

As a company with a strong relationship with the military and support for what they do, we constantly strive to find ways in which to live up to the spirit of these principles, and to show the community just how much they are valued.

Full details of the RIFT commitment can be read via the updated pledge which was signed by our MD, Bradley Post, in October 2019 during our latest military engagement day.

This includes raising awareness and promoting support for the military and their activities both via internal communications and dedicated events for RIFT employees, and via engagement events in which we bring together members of the military community with other local businesses.

In recognition of the skills and admirable qualities possessed by many Service leavers, RIFT has actively created dedicated roles for the employment of veterans, and actively pursue their employment and that of their families by advertising roles within the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) and Forces Family Jobs (FFJ).

RIFT offer specialist services for military tax refunds, and offer flexible working hours and additional leave for existing employees who wish to become involved with the Armed Forces Reserves or Adult Cadet Forces.

Shaun Micallef-Green, RIFT’s Armed forces Liaison Officer, explains:

“As an Armed Forces Veteran, I've been impressed by how hard RIFT works with the military community. Their readiness to create roles specifically for military Veterans is testament to the value they place on their skills. Service leavers often find life outside the military difficult. We're helping to smooth the path for former MOD personnel moving into civilian work. Furthermore, many Service leavers are starting businesses of their own. Again, there's a range of things we can do to ensure those fledgling enterprises grow strong roots.”

Signing up to the Covenant is only one of the steps we're taking, but it's one we're intensely proud of and strongly believe in.

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