Right now, there are some technical glitches at HMRC in the CIS refund system that are delaying some repayments. Most are still going through fine, but a few taking a little longer than usual. Here’s what you need to know:

Why are some CIS refunds getting delayed?

There are some technical difficulties at HMRC involving people on the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). Not everyone’s affected, but some repayments are taking longer to process this year.

How can I tell if my CIS refund will be delayed?

Right now, HMRC can’t predict who’s going to be affected. Most people won’t be hit by the problem at all, though. For those whose repayments are delayed, the money’s still on its way. It’s just taking a little longer than usual.

I’ve had a letter from HMRC what should I do?

If HMRC contacts you asking for ID or anything else, get in touch with RIFT straight away. Send a copy of any emails or letters you get to myriftrefund@riftgroup.com so we can get your money to you as quickly as possible.

Could I lose my CIS refund over this?

No, absolutely not. Until HMRC fixes the problem, you might find the Track My Claim feature on the RIFT app won’t give an accurate estimate of when to expect your money – but there are no problems with your actual claim. It’s just a technical glitch at HMRC’s end slowing things down.

When will the problem at HMRC be fixed?

Unfortunately HMRC are unable to say when this will be resolved. We will updated all affected customers as soon as we get more information.

How can RIFT help?

We’re keeping in close touch with HMRC to chase up all outstanding CIS repayments. We’ll also make sure you’re always up to date on the progress of your claim by email and SMS.

Most importantly, your refund is completely protected by our RIFT Guarantee. On top of that, all the extra work we’re doing to make sure HMRC pays up as quickly as possible is completely covered by our all-inclusive fee. There’s no extra charge and your money’s 100% safe.

Remember, RIFT is always here to solve problems and answer questions. If you’ve got any worries about HMRC’s CIS delay, call us on 01233 628648.