If there’s one thing we’ve all been learning the hard way during the COVID-19 pandemic, is that we only really understand the value of something when it’s out of reach. The lockdowns and social distancing rules we’re living through have pushed us apart at a time when we most need to pull together.

It’s been tough for many of us in one way or another, whether we’re missing out on important family milestones or just longing for our old weekly get-togethers at the pub. At times like this, we really start to understand the true value of good friends. We might have to keep our distance for a while longer, but there are still ways to reach out.

What Friends Mean to Us

It’s easy to feel isolated when we’re cut off from our usual social circles, but a good mate will be there for you even when you’re far apart. Sometimes, something as simple as a phone call or a couple of hours blasting cyborgs online together can make a huge difference to our wellbeing. The more the experts study the science of friendship, the more we come to realise what it’s worth.

Obviously, there’s the simple fact that even socially distanced contact with mates can help fight off loneliness, stress and depression. Mental health is a huge issue in high-stress industries like construction – and it can become a killer if it isn’t tackled soon enough. A network of friends acts like an early warning system, meaning people who are suffering can get the help they need fast.

At the same time, a good mate can actually be a boost to your physical wellbeing as well. With diseases like diabetes, strokes and heart problems, people with friends looking out for them tend to seek treatment earlier and respond to it better. People with mates “keeping them honest” take better care of themselves as well too, eating healthier and exercising more.

So basically, having a mate looking out for you can boost your mental health, beat stress, build confidence and help fight off disease. All that, and we haven’t even talked about tax refunds yet!

If you’ve ever tried out the RIFT Refer a Friend scheme, you probably already have an idea where we’re going with this. Money’s a massive issue for a lot of people during lockdown, and it’s agonising to see so many of us never claiming back the tax we’re owed.

How We've Helped Our Friends

In the last year alone, thousands of RIFT Tax Refund customers lined their mates up with tax refunds worth thousands of pounds.

Our top referrer has already put well over £26,000 back in the pockets of his friends, with average claim amounts in construction sitting at £2,205.88 apiece!

All told, Refer a Friend gave £3.5 million back to UK workers in 2020. That’s all cash that would’ve sat in the taxman’s pockets otherwise, and it’s been making a real difference to people’s lives in lockdown.

The Rewards of Friendship

Obviously, there’s another side to the Refer a Friend coin. Every time someone you’ve referred to us claims their tax refund with RIFT, you get a cash reward and free entry into our regular prize draws. Last year, RIFT customers raked in £130,150 in reward payments for letting their mates know they could be owed some tax back. With our top referrer earning himself £2,600 in rewards, the true value of friendship is about the same as 2 years’ worth of household energy bills or wiping out an entire credit card debt!

Helping our mates get through the pandemic crisis is a responsibility we all share. Refer a Friend is a chance to be there in a meaningful way for the people who mean the most to you, even when you’re kept apart. Find out more about the scheme.

Use the RIFT mileage tax relief calculator for an instant estimate of how much you can claim back on your travel.