When you spend a lot of time on the road for work, you come to depend on motorway service stations. Those little oases of refreshment and relaxation can be a literal life-saver on long hauls. At the very least, they're a chance to stretch your legs and fill your tanks, both literal and metaphorical. A well run station can make a bad trip bearable and a good one better. A bad one – well, that's another story.

What makes the best Motorway Services?

Watchdog organisation Transport Focus has been asking questions and taking notes. Their 2018 survey took in over 100 UK stations and close to 10,000 customers.

Questions covered everything from staff friendliness and food prices to the state of the toilets. Once the dust settled, Transport Focus came out with a list of the highest-rated service stations in the UK – with one of them hitting rating an impressive 100% in satisfied customers.

Motorway Services ranked

Topping the charts was Norton Canes, operated by Roadchef. In fact, Roadchef did pretty well for itself overall, taking the top 2 slots and 3 out of the top 10.

Number 2 was Stafford Southbound, which still scored a 99% rating.

Moto took the next 2 positions with their Wetherby and Hilton Park Southbound stations.

Moto actually got 3 out of the top 10 as well, but their victory celebration might have been dampened a little by the terrible performance of Thurrock. Thurrock motorway services were ranked as the UK's worst in this survey, with only 68% of customers satisfied. To be fair, though, the station was going through refurbishment at the time.

Moto also managed to land the second-from-bottom score, with Toddington Southbound scraping only 72% satisfaction. Again, ongoing redevelopment works were probably a factor.

The top 10

1. Norton Canes (M6 toll) – Roadchef – 100% satisfaction

2. Stafford Southbound (M6) – Roadchef – 99% satisfaction

3. Wetherby (A1 (M)) – Moto – 99% satisfaction

4. Hilton Park Southbound (M6) – Moto – 99% satisfaction

5. Corley Southbound (M6) – Welcome Break – 99% satisfaction

6. Tebay Southbound (M6) – Westmorland – 99% satisfaction

7. Pease Pottage (M23) – Moto – 99% satisfaction

8. Woodall Southbound (M1) – Welcome Break – 99% satisfaction

9= Killington Lake (M6) – Roadchef – 99% satisfaction

9= Tebay Northbound (M6) – Westmorland – 99% satisfaction

The bottom 5

1. Thurrock* (M25) – Moto – 68% satisfaction

2. Toddington Southbound* (M1) – 72% satisfaction

3. Southwaite Northbound (M6) – Moto – 80% satisfaction

4. Newport Pagnell South (M1) – Welcome Break – 81% satisfaction

5. Bridgwater (M5) – Moto – 81% satisfaction

*services known to be undergoing refurbishment at the time of the survey Of the 111 service stations, 41 received a satisfaction score of 95 per cent or above.

How good are Britain's Motorway Services overall?

Overall, the state of Britain's motorway services is looking good. 88% of people who drive for their living are happy with the stations they use and he friendliness of staff was rated good by 94% of visitors

However, there's still definite room for improvement. 89% of visitors were satisfied with the cleanliness of the toilets and 66% think they're getting good value for money on their food and drink purchases.

24% of visitors said they arrived at the services in a tired, stressed or frustrated frame of mind. This was reduced to just 5% when leaving to go back on the road

This last point is one of the most important, as Anthony Smith, chief executive of the independent watchdog Transport Focus, said: “Motorway services play an important role in providing the break motorists need."

How to claim back what you spend on the road

One thing that can help to take the sting out of your service station visits is keeping track of what you're spending there.

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