If you haven’t already got the wheels turning on your 2014/15 tax refund, then they could be about to come off! As soon as the next tax year ticks over on the 6th of April, you’ll be out of pocket and out of luck. You’ll be in good company, too, with thousands of other British taxpayers bleeding hard-earned cash into the taxman’s coffers.

Strange as it seems, HMRC isn’t even happy about this. In fact, they’ve been doing their best to give it back. They just can’t do it without proof of what you’re owed – and that means putting the work in and making a refund claim. Anything you still haven’t claimed after the deadline slips past is gone forever.

The sad fact is so many people who should be getting tax rebates each year still don’t know it. Just because your boss is handling your taxes via PAYE doesn’t mean you’ve got nothing to lose. If you’re shelling out for things like work travel, whether in your own vehicle or public transport, that information won’t show up in your wage paperwork. The taxman has many near-mystical powers when it comes to looking into your finances, but he’s not psychic. HMRC won’t hear about your travel, tool, accommodation or food costs unless you kick up a fuss yourself.

It doesn’t matter what kind work you do. If you’re spending your own cash for the essential costs of your job, you could be in line for a tax refund – and not just for this year, either. Most people who come to RIFT end up getting a lot more than they bargained for, simply because they didn’t know what they were missing. Even if they were getting professional help with their refunds, if that help didn’t come from real refund specialists they were still getting short-changed. The majority haven’t even been told they can still claim back tax from up to 4 previous years.

Don’t worry too much if you haven’t kept precise records of all your expenses for the last 4 years. We can still help you track down all the information you need for your claim. In fact, our specialised teams and software can work out travel and other costs going back years – even if routes and prices have changed in the meantime.

It doesn’t matter if you’re changed employers or jobs in recent years, either – or even if you’ve decided to work for yourself. There’s just no reason why you should have to leave your refund cash sitting on the taxman’s table. Switching to self-employment doesn’t let HMRC off the hook for the time you were on PAYE – and our Self Assessment tax return service can help you claw back even more.

In uncertain times, we’re all looking at ways to pinch those pennies a little tighter. An average 4-year tax refund comes to an impressive £3,023. If you’re only claiming for a single year – or not claiming at all – you could be missing out on thousands!

All you’ve got to do is hit the 6th of April deadline to be sure of getting your 2014/15 tax refund. This isn’t a prize or a bonus we’re talking about. This is your money, and a big chunk of it could be about to slip through your fingers this April.

The taxman will always try to play fair with you, just as long as he's got the information he needs to do so. The only person who can ever cheat you out of your tax refund is you! Contact RIFT to get the wheels rolling in the right direction, before your cash drops off the cliff edge on April the 6th!

Having problems with your tax return? Let us know and we can help with that too.

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