The days of “jobs for life” are well and truly in the rear-view mirror now – and it's not necessarily all bad news. Throughout the UK, people are finding new ways to work, from self-employment and freelancing to ultra-flexible “gig economy” jobs. Every option comes with its own set of ups and downs – but whichever you decide on, you've got to understand what it means for your tax situation.

Virtually every year, HMRC tightens its grip a little harder on tax dodgers and fraudsters, and it's catching a lot of people out who never even realised they were doing anything wrong. For people with more than one job, for instance, things can get tricky fast if they don't understand the rules. At the very least, they could be losing out on their tax. At worst, they might be stocking up some serious taxman troubles down the line. Here's a basic guide to getting it right when you've got more than one job.