At RIFT, we don't like to blow our own horn. As accountants, we understand that there's a time to step back and let the numbers speak for themselves. We've had a great summer this year, which means our clients have, too. Here's what we've accomplished together over the last 3 months alone:

  • Reclaimed £9,912,142 in tax refunds.
    That's right; almost £10 million went back into your pockets this summer! Find out if you're owed anything with our tax refund calculator.
  • 13,388 claims made.
    The word's getting around about tax refunds. This is great news, and it's only getting better as more people find out that they're owed money by HMRC.
  • Taken 62,482 phone calls.
    Whatever tax worries or questions you've got, a friendly ear's only a phone call away with RIFT. Call us on 01233 628648.
  • Time taken to answer most calls: 30 seconds.
    Don't waste time or money on HMRC phone queues. RIFT is always ready to help. The average wait time to speak to someone at HMRC yourself is 47 minutes.
  • Time taken to answer most questions: 2-3 minutes.
    When you call RIFT, you're talking to an expert.
  • Amount protected by RIFT Guarantee £1,121,019.
    When you claim a refund through RIFT, it's completely safe. If HMRC ever tried to snatch some of it back, we'd pay it ourselves. That's the RIFT Guarantee, and you won't find it anywhere else!
  • 13,183 tax code problems sorted out with HMRC.
    Your employer and HMRC may not always get things right. When you're with RIFT, tax code problems are no problem at all.
  • 59,225 pieces of paperwork handled for clients.
    Tax refunds can involve a lot of bookkeeping and form filling. You can always count on RIFT to shuffle those papers for you.
  • 6443 customer support emails.
    Email's always been a popular way to reach us. Just drop us a line for quick answers or advice.
  • 600 Livechats taken.
    It's never been easier to get in touch with RIFT. Our livechat service is a great way to get fast, personalised help with tax questions.
  • 2000+ Facebook messages for customer support.
    Facebook's another simple way to grab hold of one of our experts, especially if it's harder to ring or email during office hours. Need help in a hurry? Just fire off a message and we'll be on the case in no time.

RIFT Refunds is all about making sure the taxman only take his fair share. From construction workers struggling with CIS to Armed Forces personnel travelling to temporary postings, if you're owed money we'll get it back. In total we've got back an astonishing £125 million in tax refunds from HMRC!

The taxman isn't trying to cheat you, but he expects you to prove it when he's taken too much and ask for it back. Give us a shout to find out if you've got a claim. You'll be amazed how simple we make it to put that money back where it belongs.