Travelled for Work All Year? Now's the Time to Pack Your Bags To Somewhere Exciting.

You've spent all year trekking to temporary workplaces, and you've shelled out handsomely for it. Now your tax refund's claimed, approved and back in your pocket, it's time to do some travelling of your own.

A lot of RIFT clients use their yearly refunds for holidays, and we think that's fantastic. After all, the taxman just forked over that cash because he's got no claim on it. Why not put it to good use?

While you're picking out your dream destination this year, take a moment to look through our list of handy tips. There's no point digging deeper into your pocket than you need to - and that goes for holidays as well as paying taxes.

  • Don't just snap up the first offer you find. Take your time and look around for a better deal. Price comparison websites are a good way to keep the costs down, especially if you're not dead-set on a specific date.
  • Plan your spending out in advance. Your holiday costs are going to be more than just travel and hotels. Don't blow your whole wad just getting out there and back. If you want to keep things simple, you can look into all-inclusive packages. You might not get everything you wanted, but it can save quite a bit of cash.
  • Know when to book. Some times of year tend to be priced higher than others. If you're flexible about when you travel, you could save a packet. Watch out for school holidays in particular. Sometimes, even choosing to travel mid-week can make a difference.
  • Don't be tempted to load up on insurance from the first agent you deal with. Always shop around for a better deal.

Also think about the cash you'll be taking with you. Your travel agent might try to talk you into changing your money with them. Just remember that you've got other options. Check your credit card's terms, while you're at it.  You might even be better off using that than carrying a huge wad of foreign notes with you.

Enjoy your refund the way you want to. Go out and see the world, while it's still there. Travel can be one of the great joys in life, if it's on your own terms. Just make sure you're not being taken for a ride.

Why not see if you're due a tax refund on your travel expenses now? It's just 5 quick questions and our clients' average first refund is £2500. If you do qualify you can fill out our online form, give us a call or get in touch through Facebook.