If you haven’t put in your claim with RIFT for your 2015/16 tax rebate, there’s still a little time left. You’ll have to move fast, though. Once the 2020/21 tax year kicks off on the 6th of April, anything you’re owed but haven’t claimed back is gone forever.

A lot of people miss out on the refunds they’re owed because they assume you can only claim for a single year. In fact, you can still get the money back for 4 full years. That means your 2015/16 refund is still up for grabs, as long as you get your skates on and claim it.

Remember, a tax refund take time to process, so it’s a really bad idea to leave it until the very last minute. For one thing, you won’t want to be scrabbling around for all your essential information with the clock running down. On top of that, HMRC can get seriously bogged down close to its important deadlines. If you want to be sure of getting your refund before the taxman sweeps it off the table for good, you need to get the wheels moving on your claim before the 20th of March.

You’ll be glad you did, as well. Every year you miss out on claiming for could be costing you an average of £700-£800. All that cash will end up being pocketed by HMRC instead of you. Just think what you could do with that tidy little bundle:

  • It’d cover the cost of a decent family Christmas or annual holiday overseas.
  • You’d be able to get 10 full weeks of petrol or 4 whole months of food shopping.
  • You might treat yourself to up to 70 takeaways, 20 meals out or 174 pints at the pub!
  • An average 1-year refund matches what most of us spend on new clothes in a year.
  • You could splash out on a brand new Samsung Galaxy 10 or iPhone.
  • You could even grab yourself a 4K TV and a games console of your choice.

There’s absolutely no good reason to let the taxman cling onto cash that you’re owed. Tax refunds are about putting money back in your pocket that never should’ve left it. If you’re travelling to temporary workplaces or shelling out for the essential costs of doing your job, there’s an excellent chance that you should be claiming some tax back. Even if you’ve never made a claim before, you can still claw back what you’re owed from as long ago as the 2015/16 tax year. Just make sure you get your information to RIFT by the 20th of March to make sure everything’s sorted in time.

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