It takes more than just a tax specialist to get the very best from a tax rebate claim. The problem with so many tax advisors is that, while some of them know HMRC like the backs of their hands, they don’t fully understand the fields their clients work in. RIFT’s teams are built and trained to be the most knowledgeable experts in the tax business. That’s why we employ so many people with direct experience in our customers’ sectors. Kenton Robbins is a perfect example. Here’s his personal Road to RIFT in his own words.


How did you get there?

In search of a challenge I joined the British Army in 2012 I served with 5th Battalion The Rifles which were based in Paderborn, Germany. Before RIFT I was working at various software companies and delivering software projects for clients that varied from defence and policing to NGO’s and charities.  I have delivered solutions ranging from Telematics/IOT systems to mobile and web apps.

Why did you choose RIFT?

I chose RIFT due to the opportunity to work on some exciting technical projects. RIFT are investing significantly in technology and to have the chance to take the lead in such a forward thinking company was impossible to pass up.

RIFT has a long history of employee satisfaction and this is evident when walking around the office. There is a great family feel and having the chance to get involved with charitable events is a bonus.

RIFT’s long-standing history of supporting Service Personnel was another draw. It was important for me to work for a company that has similar values and RIFT fulfils that for me.

What do you do day-today?

As Technology Development Manager, I am responsible for Software Development at RIFT group and I lead a small team of passionate and talented Developers.

I am responsible for keeping RIFT running along with developing solutions to help RIFT break new ground. We are passionate about building new technologies which mean that our customers can access their tax refunds as quickly as possible.

What's the most rewarding part of your job?

Delivering solutions that make our customers lives easier. We have built an ambitious roadmap based around the needs of our customers and I’m excited to see the projects come to life. 

2020 will be a big year for RIFT and will see the delivery of several large technical projects that will deliver a better customer experience.

Where can people find you?

In the IT office, with my family or climbing.

You can email me here:

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I live in Kent with my partner and son. I’m passionate about Software, Cloud, Data and Artificial Intelligence. When I’m not working or spending time with my family I am usually climbing.


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