When you spend all year travelling for work, it's easy to get a little tired of the grind of it. Hours spent on public transport are dead time for most of us, and can suck the life out of even holiday travel. Luckily, the mobile phone revolution has put a world of entertainment options at our fingertips - and a lot of it is free! If you're putting your HMRC tax refund toward a family holiday, or just killing time waiting for HMRC to pay out, here are a few top gaming picks. From major hits to under-exposed classics, this is what's had us smearing fingerprints across our touchscreens recently.

Pokémon GO
There's almost no chance you haven't heard of this one. With a world-wide audience and a string of awards, this has to rank as one of the top mobile games ever made. Forget the legal and moral implications of a world where children are sent out to hunt wild animals and make them fight for sport. Just get out of your hotel room and chase down that Venusaur with the kids!

Kung Fury
Based on a hilarious crowdfunded comedy-action flick, Kung Fury only requires 2 fingers to turn you into a time-travelling '80s badass. With multiple characters to play and a choice between classic arcade and story modes, you'll never get bored of Karate-kicking robotic Nazi arcade machines in the face.

Bejeweled Classic
One of the most popular games of its kind, Bejeweled is a timeless classic. This version has several different modes to play, and you can't beat the satisfaction of boosting your way to a gem-shattering high score.

Pac-Man 256
A true old-school classic, the king of the 80 arcade scene is back to prove he can still chomp down pills with the best of them. This time the mazes are infinite, Pac-Man's got lasers and the whole game's be re-invented. As a great man once said, “waka waka waka...”

Fallout Shelter
A spin-off from the incredibly successful Fallout series, this game puts in in charge of an apocalyptically cheerful Vault habitat. Design and defend your Vault, explore the atomic wasteland and guide your community to happiness and prosperity. Just keep a sharp eye out for Deathclaws...

Sonic the Hedgehog
What a time to be alive! The flagship mascot platform game of the Sega Mega Drive now fits in the palm of your hand – and it's as great as ever. Lightning-fast gameplay with all 7 of the original game's zones included. Dr. Eggman (or possibly Robotnik, depending on how old you were when you first encountered Sonic) doesn't stand a chance.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2
There's no arguing with success. A mash-up of the immortal Star Wars with classic Angry Birds gameplay, this was always going to be special. Fling cartoon bird versions of your favourite sci-fi characters across the screen, demolishing pig-faced Stormtroopers and bringing the Pork Side to its knees. Rovio seems incapable of putting a taloned foot wrong with its Angry Birds line. The addition of Star Wars to the mix makes this an instant winner for all ages.

Mobile gaming's blasted its way into popular culture over recent years - and with so many great free games on offer, it's easy to see why. Even first-time players can easily find something to cut their teeth on, and more and more are doing just that.

So, what's keeping your fingers busy while you're waiting for the taxman to pull his out? Or, if you've already got your tax rebate, what are you playing on your journey to that well earned holiday?