Being self-employed is about a lot more than being able to pick your own hours or work in your pyjamas. For a lot of people, it actually makes much more financial sense than sweating out 8 hours a day on PAYE.

The freedom and independence of self-employment are great in themselves, but a bucket of extra cash never did anyone any harm either. Here are just a few of the more lucrative self-employment options out there.

Web Designer/Developer

If you know your way around HTML, you could be onto a winner here. Web design and development are as much arts as sciences. Almost every business needs an "internet presence", but not that many know what works. Once you've built some serious skills and earned a reputation, you'd be surprised how much money gets thrown your way.


If you've got language skills, you'll always be in demand. Translators are needed in virtually every business with international clients. If you can think on your feet as well, then it might be worth looking into in-person interpreter work. Remember it's not just written and spoken languages that need interpretation. Sign languages are used all over the world (about 300 of them, in fact). If you've mastered even one of them, you might find yourself making a decent income from it.

Graphic Artist

Another set of skills that are always in demand. Artists are hired by businesses in virtually every industry. Good design really helps to make your mark in the business world, and people are willing to pay well for it. What's more, if you've got the talent for it, the start-up costs can be next to nothing.

Voice Actor

There's a lot of call for voice talent these days. There are always company podcasts in need of hosts and corporate video producers needing voiceover specialists. If you're good enough, you could also look into advertising. Sites like YouTube have given rise to almost endless advertising opportunities.

You may even find you can work from your own home, earning as much as £68 per hour!


It seems like practically everyone needs a blog these days. If there's a topic you're particularly knowledgeable or passionate about, people might well want to read what you've got to say. You'll probably get most of your money through advertising revenue. The trick is knowing what your readers are into, and what they'll put up with in terms of adverts. Blogs live and die on keeping their readers interested. If you've got something mind-blowing to say and a fascinating way of saying it, there's plenty of cash to be made through a blog.

Should I Switch and Go Self Employed?

Switching to self-employment could be the best decision you ever made. Remember, though: 1 in 3 new small businesses never makes it out of that tricky first year of trading. You've got to know what you're doing, and how to stay in HMRC's good books while you do it.

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