The rules of the lockdown game are changing, and the UK’s high street shops are starting to open back up. Now’s a great time to snap up some summer bargains on everything from pyjamas to personal electronics. You’ve still got to be careful, though. We’re not out of the COVID-19 woods yet, and we’ve still got to look after each other to avoid another spike in infections.

Will high street shopping have changed?

When you’re considering prying open your long-neglected wallet to splash some high street cash, it’s important to go in with realistic expectations. The shops we’re all running back to this week won’t be quite the same as we remember them. Yes, the government has said they can open, but there are strings attached. They’ve still got to enforce social distancing, for one thing. There’ll also be extra precautions and protections in the high street stores. You’ll probably find yourself talking to cashiers through a clear, plastic “sneeze shield”, for example.

Try to remember that these strange measures are there for your protection as much as anyone else’s – and keep your patience with staff and other customers as they struggle to adjust. Yelling for the manager when you don’t get the service you think you deserve won’t win you any friends. No one’s going to break the law just so you can get a cheap sweater 2 minutes faster.

Will there be any good re-opening deals or offers?

With all that said, let’s talk about the deals! High street shops have been suffering badly through the lockdown period, particularly the ones that don’t do a lot of online business. With the restrictions easing up, they’re looking to get the money flowing again, and they’re prepared to drop their prices by as much as 70%-80% to make sure it flows in their direction! Just a glance at the deals on offer reveals low-cost gems like:

  • Matalan sales of up to 50% on clothing and homeware.
  • Up to 80% in-store discounts on offer in Next.
  • Tu clothing sales of up to 70%.

If you’re looking to bulk up your kitchen or home entertainment options, Currys PC World is offering 60% off many appliances and high-tech items. You can bag a 55” 4K smart TV worth £759.99 for just £499.99 right now, or a Tassimo coffee machine worth £99.99 for £39.99.

Will the same deals be offered online?

Despite this rush of bargains coming mostly because the physical shops are finally opening up, you’ll be able to get a lot of the benefit even when you’re shopping online. After all, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for a high street store to directly compete against its own webshop, does it? So, even if you don’t have a Debenhams or John Lewis nearby you can still get in on the deals.

As always, though, there’s a note of caution. Whenever a shopping frenzy takes hold of the UK, you see a rush of scammers trying to get in on the act. Whenever you’re shopping online, always make sure you know exactly who you’re giving your money and details to. Double-check the URLs you’re visiting and scan the reviews of any store you haven’t used before. There’s a lot more to staying safe while shopping than washing your hands and staying a few feet apart.

The UK high street is officially open for business, so grab those bargains while you can. Just be sure you’re not putting your health or finances at risk to do it.

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