With at least another couple of weeks until any decisions are made about easing the UK’s lockdown, the prospect of an indoor Easter is looming. While we’re all busy remaining at least 6 feet apart from non-household members, here are a few ideas for bringing your immediate family closer together.

HOLD THE PRESS: The good news is that supermarkets have lifted restrictions on only being allowed to buy 3 of any one item where Easter Eggs are concerned. You may be stuck inside, but you can still stuff yourself silly on chocolate, so pick some up on your next weekly "trip to the shop for essentials".

The traditional egg and spoon race

Yes, it sounds old-fashioned to most of us, but it might still be new to the youngest family members. Besides, it’s a tradition that dates back literally centuries, and all it takes are a few hard-boiled eggs and a willingness to make adorable fools of ourselves. Probably best if you’ve got a decent-sized garden, obviously.

For bonus points, you can add an arts-and-crafts element to the fun by painting the eggs together. Pro tip: the red ones go faster.

Board games online

For a more modern spin on a recreational classic, consider jumping online with the family – and not just your own. Most of the classic board and card games of your youth can be played with friends and distant relatives from the safety of your own home.

Programs like Tabletop Simulator have online versions of everything from all-time greats to tabletop wargames and more. There’s a lot more to gaming online than first-person shooters and chess simulators these days, so it might be worth scouting out a few family favourites, or dipping a digital toe into brand new waters.

Nurture a few green fingers

When you’re stuck at home all day, it’s a good opportunity to show the kids that a garden’s more than just a place to kick a ball around. Start with something simple like daffodil bulbs and take it from there. Honestly, you don’t even need a garden for this. You can always start them off indoors and move them outside later if you want.

Indoor Easter egg hunt

For half an hour of lightly supervised anarchy, an indoor egg hunt can be ridiculous fun. You can use the same painted eggs from the egg and spoon race, chocolate ones or, if you’re adventurous, hollow plastic ones you fill yourself with treats or prizes. Add some extra challenge by leaving tricky clues scattered about, or make more of a classic “scavenger hunt” out of it by giving the players a list of hints at the start.

The point of all this is to make the most of the extra time you’ve got together. The whole country’s in a bit of a tight spot – but on the other hand, who knows when you’ll get this chance again? Stay safe and healthy, and have a great Easter!

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