Setting up and sticking to a budget can be tough, but there are ways of making it less complicated. Here are a few of the best money saving apps you can download to help you keep on top of your cash.

Starling Bank

Starling Bank is set up to strip banking back to the basics. You get a range of tools to help manage your money, with everything designed to be simple, safe and secure. It’s basically a complete bank account on your phone. You can set your own savings goals, send secure payments instantly to other users, sort your transactions into categories and get real-time updates. One particularly cool feature is its “round-up saving” function. Basically, it rounds up your spending to the nearest pound, socking the change away like an old-fashioned penny jar. It might not sound like much, but as anyone with one of those jars lying around will tell you, it really does mount up over time.


Another bank-in-your-pocket type of service, Monzo links up with other popular services like Apple Pay and Google Pay. It’s got some interesting features, like the ability to switch your energy provider (potentially grabbing up to £50 when you do). You can divide your income into different categories for your savings, bills and general spending, and set specific budgets to help control the cash you’re splashing. There’s even an option to buy now and pay later with Monzo Flex.


Offering either a physical or virtual card, Revolut is designed to make it easy to work in either your own or a foreign currency. The app lets you set monthly spending budgets and connect your other bank accounts to keep track of everything in one place. Like Monzo, it has a round-up saving feature and connects with other services like Apple/Google Pay. You can slot your regular outgoings into virtual “pockets” to help manage them, and even get things like cheap medical insurance abroad.

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is another service that helps you keep all your financial information together and organised. Simply link all your accounts to the app for a full overview of your whole money situation. The app lets you transfer money between accounts easily, set savings goals and track any recurring subscriptions you’re signed up to. It also gives you a forecast of your financial position at the end of the coming month, which can be helpful for planning ahead.


As well as keeping the details of all your accounts in one place, Moneyhub can be set to give you occasional friendly “nudges” when you’ve got upcoming payments to make. You can set simple budgets and spending goals, and get a useful monthly breakdown of where all your cash is going. As an interesting feature, you can use Moneyhub to get in touch with a financial expert for advice if you need it.


Like several of the other apps on this list, Emma lets you keep on top of any other accounts you link to it. You can also set your own budgets, track your subscriptions and establish goals for your savings. Its inventors call it a “fitness tracker for money”, and like any other fitness tracker, using it can help you avoid serious problems in the future. Emma analyses your spending habits, and can send out a quick alert if you could be wasting less or saving more. For instance, if you’ve got multiple subscriptions to services that offer similar things, it’ll let you know and help you cancel whatever you don’t need. The app can even point out when you’re paying unnecessary banking charges.


Obviously, one of the most important money saving apps you should have is ours. The RIFT app lets you track the progress of your yearly tax refund claims from start to finish, get helpful guides about tax and money – and a whole lot more. You can even refer your friends to RIFT straight from your phone’s address book for their own tax refunds, earning cash rewards and prize draw entries just for being a good mate.

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