Following on from last year’s announcement from the Ministry of Defence that service personnel are eligible for tax refunds from HMRC, thousands of current and former service men and women are in line for a bumper Christmas as they receive cheques for overpaid taxes - on average around £2,500 per person.
There has been an unprecedented wave of claims in the past twelve months as more and more people realise they’ve been missing out on cash refunds for both their travel expenses and Mess Dress. The refunds are being enjoyed by personnel who travel to work using either their own vehicle or public transport and have been posted to different temporary bases for 24 months or less since April 2011.
Leading the successful claims is RIFT Tax Refunds, the UK’s leading tax refund experts. And as you can claim back for the last 4-years, this also means that former service personnel don’t miss out.
Are you entitled to a £2,500 refund? Here’s a quick checklist:

  • The refunds apply to the cost of travelling between a main residence and temporary workplace.
  • A ‘main residence’ is classed as the place you go home to when you are on leave.
  • A ‘temporary’ base is a place you are posted to, or expected to be posted, for 24 months or less (if you end up their longer you can still claim for the first 24 months)
  • Even if you get GYH or HDT expenses you may still be eligible.
  • Being posted abroad does not rule out eligibility, you can claim for travel to and from a UK residency.
  • It may be possible to claim for some training postings if it was an essential part of your contractual duties.
  • Make sure to keep copies of your Assignment Orders (they can be printed online from the JPA bus disappear after 60 days so be quick).

£20 million claimed back for MOD personnel

“In the last two years, RIFT Tax Refunds has worked with Armed forces personnel to help reclaim an astonishing £20 million plus in tax refunds,” We know from direct experience that service personnel lead such busy and demanding working lives that they understandably struggle to find time to claim these refunds from HMRC.

“Sadly, that means countless people are simply overpaying taxes and not claiming for expenses they are fully entitled to. People are always shocked to learn that in the UK each year over £180 million goes unclaimed in travel expenses alone. We want to stop that and we fight to make sure the hard working men and women of the armed forces don’t miss out.”

Jan Post, managing director at RIFT. “

With RIFT it's free for anyone to enquire if they’re eligible for a claim and those who do are under no obligation to use the service. All personnel need to do is answer a few quick questions when they first enquire and if they fit the criteria, RIFT will carry out the process on their behalf and liaise with HMRC until they pay out.
Personnel only pay a fee if they are successful and, in the very unlikely event HMRC later makes a claim back for any of the money to be repaid, the RIFT Guarantee covers this and will make the payment at no cost.
“This is a very good time of year to make your claim. If you get on top of it all quick enough and a refund comes through for Christmas then it helps you and your loved ones enjoy a fantastic holiday period.
“But if it takes a little longer and comes through in the early part of the new year then it’s a great time to have an extra bit of income, as January and February are traditionally a time where people’s budgets are tight. It’s a perfect time, so what have you got to lose?”

Jan explains. Get in touch now and see if we can get you something back to help with Christmas.