It’s back by popular demand! The RIFT Double Acts scheme from last year has come round again, with a chance for both you and a friend to win £1,000 each to cover the cost of Christmas!

To celebrate, we’re running down our top picks for celebrity dancer partners. It takes 2 to tango, so let’s take a look at some of the most iconic terpsichorean team-ups ever to cut a rug on screen. With these dancing duos as inspiration, you’ll have no problem picking the perfect partner for your own Refer a Friend Double Act.

5) Gene Kelly and Jerry Mouse: Anchors Aweigh

Decades before Bob Hoskins played straight man to a fugitive cartoon lagomorph in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Jerry Mouse took a night off from regular dance partner Tom to team up with superstar Gene Kelly in Anchors Aweigh. It was a deeply weird and wonderful scene, and a rare speaking role for the generally silent mouse. Well worth tracking down on YouTube if you’ve never seen it.

4) Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers: Roberta

If you know anything at all about cinematic dance partnerships, you must have been expecting these names somewhere on this list. Fred and Ginger were the Riggs and Murtaugh of the 1930s dance scene – legitimate badasses in their own right but unstoppable together. This partnership set the pace for all who followed in their flawless footsteps for decades to come, and their rendition of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes shows off all the precision and grace that brought them to the dance.

3) Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze: Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing was a genuine career-maker for Swayze, and still stands up as one of the best dance movies of all time. The filmmakers specifically went after dancers who could act, rather than actors they could teach to dance – and the results are all clearly up there on the screen. Grey and Swayze might have had a slightly patchy relationship behind the scenes, but there’s undeniable cinematic chemistry here.

2) Uma Thurman and John Travolta: Pulp Fiction

The Jackrabbit Slim’s dance contest ranks among the top moments in a film composed almost entirely of memorable highlights. Travolta executed a flawless 90s comeback as a slightly dim-witted professional killer taking his boss’ wife out for a night on the town. After Reservoir Dogs, no one was expecting an instant-classic dance scene in a Tarantino flick– but that’s exactly what we got. It’s a moment that reaffirmed Travolta and established Thurman as major heavyweight talents, and the fact that you’re already playing the music in your head and remembering the ”Batusi” hand gestures is proof it belongs on the list. It goes to show you never can tell...

1) Iko Uwais and Cecep Arif Rahman: The Raid 2: Berandal

Okay, we’re probably cheating a bit here – but it’s arguably the greatest one-on-one fight scene every put on film so it’s going on the list at number 1. Every movement of this 5-minute murder masterpiece tells a story. An already exhausted Rama emerges bloodied from his battle with Hammer girl and Baseball Bat Man to find The Assassin waiting for him in the bad guys’ kitchen. The tension ramps up to unbearable levels as the pair take each other’s measure, but when the violence erupts it’s absolute movie magic in its purest form. It may not be a “dance” as such, but it’s expertly choreographed, exquisitely executed and beautiful to watch.

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