With the holiday season just around the corner now, it’s time to announce our next Refer a Friend Star Prize. This time, it’s literally a grand one! That’s right – recommend RIFT to your friends, colleagues and family for your chance to win £1,000 just in time for Christmas!

To be in with a shot, all you have to do is get your referrals in before the 9th of December. Any of those that develop into tax refund claims will earn you a chance to win the £1,000 prize. We’ll contact the winner on the 10th of December to make sure they get their cash in time for Christmas.

Remember – the star prize is on top of all the usual Refer a Friend rewards. That means you still earn:

  • £50 for everyone you refer who makes a claim with us.
  • £150 additional bonus for every 5 people you refer.
  • Entry into our Bronze, Silver or Gold prize draw tier, depending on how many referrals you’ve made. Prizes for these range from £50-£500.

    Visit our Refer a Friend page for full details.

Of course, even if you've only referred one person who claims with us, you’ll still get your shot at the £1,000 star prize.

Refer a Friend is a great way to make some extra cash for yourself, while helping others get back what they’re owed by the taxman. This year alone:

  • Our customers have earned over £159,000 in referral rewards.
  • 3,082 people have found out that they're due an unexpected tax refund, thanks to their friends looking out for them.
  • Our customers have helped us put about £6m back in hard-working people's wallets.
  • Our top referrer alone made himself a tidy £3,250 in rewards for helping out his friends, who are now around £80k better off! That could be some group holiday!
  • We’ve also given away over £10,000 in prizes – and we’re just getting started!

All told, referrals from happy RIFT customers have led to more than £6 million in tax refunds being claimed in 2018. All that money would have been left stuffing HMRC stocking this Christmas otherwise. There’s never been a better time to refer your friends and workmates to RIFT. Whether you’re planning a winter holiday or checking out fitness equipment to fulfil a hasty New Year’s resolution, just think of what an extra grand could mean for your family this year.

Our last Star Prize Winner was James Molloy who won £1000!

Visit our Refer a Friend page to get started and have yourself a grand Christmas on us this year.

If you think you're eligible for a tax rebate use our tax refund calculator to find out and get a instant estimate of how much your HMRC tax refund could be.