If you’re a dedicated scholar of the Beautiful Game, then you’re probably keeping a close eye on the January transfer window news and rumours. Whether your ears pricked up at Dominic Solanke’s £19 million move from Bournemouth to Liverpool or Chelsea pulling in Christian Pulisic for £57.6 million, you understand that it’s always worth keeping your eye on the ball.

Not all transfers have to be as complex and contested as they usually seem to be in football, though. In fact, at RIFT we do everything to keep things smooth and simple. If your current accountant’s proving to be a bit of an own goal, keep in mind that the RIFT transfer window never closes. As the UK’s leading tax experts, a move in our direction is the best way to make sure you score big.

When you’re with RIFT, you know you’re talking to genuine experts. That’s so important when you’re making a change to where or how you work. Switching from PAYE to self-employment through CIS in the building game? RIFT has you covered. Our free CIS starter pack includes everything you need to keep your records straight, and we’ll take care of all the hassle of getting you fully registered.

Is your accountant letting too many opportunities slip past? We’ve got specialist teams who’ll always make the save before your finances take a dive. When you move jobs, your free MyRIFT account will help you track all the key details you need to keep putting shots on goal. That includes:

  • Adding new workplaces to keep your travel records spotless.
  • Uploading your contract.
  • Logging every qualifying expense to get the most from your yearly tax rebates.
    • Adding new workplaces to keep your travel records spotless.

As for making the change, it couldn’t be simpler. Just have a quick word with RIFT and we’ll explain your best options. We’ll even handle your old accountant for you. Just give us their details and the services they’re providing and we’ll take it from there.

With the transfer window rumour mill grinding hard and fast, it can be tough to know who to listen to. No matter what the state of play is, RIFT will always shoot straight and keep you safe. With us on your team, you’ll never find the taxman calling a foul on you, and you’ll never be cornered when he’s tossing penalties around.

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