When you’re claiming a tax refund with RIFT, you’re already on the Road to Riches. Teaming up with the UK’s leading tax experts is the key to keeping that road as smooth as possible, so we’re celebrating that perfect partnership with another RIFT Rundown.

The time-honoured road trip film is one of the best loved and most revisited genres in cinematic history. As you’ll know if you’ve ever claimed a work mileage tax refund with us, we’re all about making travel pay at RIFT. Hitch a ride with us on our journey through our top 5 road movie classics.

Midnight Run

Charles Grodin and Robert De Niro play an amiably crooked mob accountant and a cynically jaded bounty hunter in this 1988 classic. It’s an odd-couple comedy thriller that takes a well paced scenic route through to full-on buddy movie by the end. Their turbulent trek across America from New York to Los Angeles is long and troubled, but it’s their personal journeys that make this film such a treasure. If you’re into bounty hunter flicks, make a point of tracking this one down.

The Blues Brothers

No list of great road movies could ever be complete without including the epic journey of Jake and Elwood Blues. Sent on a “mission from God” to put their scattered band back together for one last gig, this film unites some of the most talented musicians, comedians and filmmakers the 80s had to offer. Cameo appearances by everyone from Frank Oz to Steven Spielberg are just the icing on an already richly rewatchable cake. A great film for when it’s dark out and you’re wearing sunglasses.

Dumb and Dumber

This 1994 nugget of pure comedy gold tracks the unlikely journey of Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne as they blunder their way from Rhode Island to Aspen in pursuit of true love. In the process, they disrupt a carefully laid kidnapping, accidentally kill a murderous criminal with rat poison and end up walking home. Yes, it’s goofy beyond words, but Dumb and Dumber really does prove that it’s more about the journey than the destination.


While a lot of people loosely bundle this 2017 blinder of a film under the “superhero” category, once you scratch the surface it’s a road movie through and through. All the elements are there (yes, including adamantium), from the whistle-stop tour of a post-human, post-X-men world to the grudging but inevitable bond between the former Wolverine and his test-tube daughter. Gripping and moving at the same time, Logan is a film that never fails to get the blood pumping – mostly out of bad guys bodies.

Thelma and Louise

A free-wheeling tale of two women on the run from the law and their own lives, Thelma & Louise put a savage, no-brakes spin on the buddy movie format. It’s a crime thriller, a road movie and a who’s who of powerhouse acting talent all in one. That final moment at the Grand Canyon still gives us chills, and scores it the number 1 slot on this list.

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