When it comes to food, finding exactly the right blend of flavours is Job One. It doesn’t matter whether you’re picking the perfect cheese to go with that expensive plonk or fighting the age-old “red sauce or brown” battle, there are some culinary double-acts that were simply made to go together. We’re all doing a lot more home cooking these days, at least until the pubs and restaurants open back up. In fact, there are 503% more home-cooked classics being made each day in the UK than before the pandemic hit. So, why not celebrate the fact that food is bringing us a little closer together with a run-down of the country’s top gastronomic double-acts? Here’s our list – what’s on yours?

  1. Lamb and mint sauce

Whoever first thought of combining the sharp tang of vinegar, the coolness of mint and the richness of fresh lamb deserves a knighthood in our book. It’s a traditional Sunday lunch favourite in the UK, and with good reason. The flavours of this time-honoured classic hit you from all angles - and adding just a little sweetness to the sauce kicks it up to a whole new level. We can smell it now...

  1. Cheese and pickle

Speaking of combining sharpness with sweetness, this tried-and-tested combination packs a punch that’s way out of proportion to its simplicity. The cornerstone of the timeless ploughman’s lunch, there’s a perfect harmony of texture and taste in the double-act of cheese and pickle that’s tough to beat. For best effect, go for a strong, crumbly Cheddar and a pickle that’s sharp but still sweet. Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous, try a one-two punch of Stilton and warn chutney.

  1. Bacon and egg

You knew it was coming. Food double-acts don’t come any more established than this. It doesn’t matter if you scramble, poach or boil the eggs and grill the bacon – or if you simply fry everything up. Bacon and egg is a world-beating breakfast dish, with the crisp saltiness of one beautifully complementing the smooth richness of the other. A little pepper on the egg takes this through the roof.

  1. Bangers and mash

Some things just work, and the duo of sausage and mashed potatoes is a perfect example. There’s nothing fancy going on here, but that’s its biggest strength. Those all-important contrasts are built-in, with creamy mash making a perfect balance for the bold burst of flavour you get from the sausagemeat. Add a splash of home-made onion gravy and you’ve got an instant house speciality.

  1. Fish and chips

There’s so much going on in the UK’s favourite double-act of fish and chips that it’s as if they designed it in a laboratory. Both of the major components have a crisp exterior with lighter, almost fluffy insides. Depending on your batter recipe of choice, you might have the added flavours of beer or beef dripping in play, and even the cut of your chips can make a huge difference to the overall experience. Splash liberally with vinegar and serve with mushy peas to get the very best out of this dish.

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