At 58 years old, Mark has 40 years of hard-won experience as a self-employed steel fixer to his name. For the last 20 years of that, he’s been a general foreman, so he knows the value of expertise. That’s why he’s been with RIFT for a decade, letting us take care of his Self Assessment tax returns and CIS refunds for him. For Mark, using RIFT takes all the stress, hassle and worry out of dealing with HMRC. We do all the work for him – and that work adds up to over £33,000 in refunded tax to date!

As an expert in his field, Marks understands how essential it is to stand behind your handiwork. That’s what our unique RIFT Guarantee is all about. The Guarantee means that, once we’ve calculated your refund total, then that’s what you’ll receive. Mark knows he never has to worry about HMRC knocking on his door months down the line and demanding some of his refunded tax back. As the UK’s leading tax specialists, RIFT is always up-front, professional and honest. We never claim for anything you’re not 100% entitled to, and we calculate every last expense that counts toward your tax refund.

Even if the taxman ever did throw his toys out of the pram, RIFT has you covered. If HMRC were to demand any of your refund back, our Guarantee means we’d pay them ourselves, at no cost to you.

At RIFT, skilled and hard-working professionals like Mark are our inspiration. We’re here to ensure the taxman plays fair with you - so when we say you’re owed a refund, you can take it to the bank.

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