2017's coming to a close and if you're still hunting for present ideas for friends and family, the clock's ticking fast. From the purely practical to the blatantly bonkers, here's what's topping our personal Christmas lists this year:

For Him:

PARROT PF723300 Airborne Cargo Travis Minidrone – Yellow :£45.65

Drones are huge at the moment, and this high flyer's got a lot of great features at a price that's well within reach. There's a built-in camera and its free control app works with iOS or Android devices. “Why yellow?” you ask. Well, we want to be able to find it again when we skilfully pilot it into the branches of a neighbour's tree.

For Her:

The Marylebone Third Space 'Ultimate Experience' Spa Treatment: £185

It's been a long year, and we're all in need of some relaxation. The Marylebone hotel's “Ultimate Experience” package features 2 and a half hours of professional pampering. That means massage, exfoliation and facial treatments in an awesomely relaxing atmosphere. We dare anyone to retain their inner grinch after an afternoon of that.

For the Kids:

Cozmo by Anki: £179.98

We keep telling ourselves that this is perfect for the children. Just like that Teddy Ruxpin our own parents got us in the 80s, though, it's really all about the grown-ups. This little robotic charmer's cleaner, more charming and has a more positive outlook than any kid we've met. He plays games, learns as he goes and even recognises you. Also, in all sincerity – look at his little face!

For Everyone:

Hampers of Distinction - Winter Warmth: £55.99

Christmas hampers are a tradition we at RIFT can really get behind. This year, we're liking the look of the Winter Warmth offering from Debenhams' “Hampers of distinction” range. This modern classic features mince pie fudge, a brandy plum pudding and enough festive treats to choke the most determined reindeer. A family Christmas is all about relishing the little luxuries, and this hamper strikes just the right note for us.

So how's your last-minute seasonal scramble for presents coming along? If you're blowing your last tax refund on something wonderful, let us know.

Most importantly, are you all set up to score your next one? If you're ready to claim, now's a great time to do it. If you need help getting your snowmen in a row, talk to RIFT. We're always here to tackle your tax rebate and tax return questions and problems, at no extra charge. How's that for a Christmas bonus?