World Emoji Day? Yup, you read that right. Those super-expressive little images are getting their own global celebration – and at RIFT we couldn’t be more 🥳 about it!

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There’s no denying it: the way we’re communicating with our mates online is changing. Long-winded emails have become tightly condensed WhatsApp messages, walls of text stripped down to a handful of colourful images. Whether you’re expressing undying adoration or just saying something filthy about aubergines, emojis are here and the 17th of July is their official day of celebration.

Okay, so World Emoji Day’s still kind of unofficial so far. It was founded by Jeremy Burge - who also founded the emoji reference website, Emojipedia, though. That probably counts for something, right? Anyway, the point is, emojis have become a big part of the language we’re using, both privately among friends and out loud on the internet at large. World Emoji Day events are being taken seriously by celebrities from A-list actress Maggie Gyllenhaal to superstar choreographer Paula Abdul, so who are we to argue?

What’s more, some pretty interesting research is going into the “science” of emoji use. A few of the more eye-opening headlines include the facts that:

  • There’s a measurable emoji language barrier developing between the younger and older age groups. Basically, that little flurry of emojis you end your messages with can say a lot about your age. Choices like 👍 , ❤️ and 👏 (favourites of mums everywhere) have all but fallen out of use among the under-20 crowd, for instance. Even stalwarts like 💩 and 🙈 will unmask you as an oldie you if you still use them.

  • There’s a genuine positive link between frequency of emoji use and romantic success. A recent academic study from the globally respected “sex researchers” at the Kinsey Institute reports some rather 😲 findings. We’re not going to get too 🤓 about this but, in layman’s terms, frequent emoji users are getting more dates, having more sex and forming longer-lasting relationships than the text-only crowd. Enjoy that thought while reading your next message from an elderly relative telling you they had🍆 for tea!

Let’s just get a little serious for a moment. The last year’s been a rough ride for so many of us. Keeping in touch with friends is essential, especially when we’ve been forced apart from the people closest to our hearts. Anything that makes those vital connections easier to keep up is okay by us.

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