If you’re a Borderlands fanatic like us, you already know the number one rule of tax refunds and shooter-looters: never try to solo a Raid Boss. Whether you’re levelling your sights on Terramorphous the Invincible or a year’s worth of travel expenses, it takes a co-op partner with a maxxed out skill tree to get you the best loot drops in the game.

Life out on the Business Borderlands is hectic. You spend all year battling bandits and psychos while you’re grinding for better gear, only to find yourself gazing down HMRC’s barrel when it’s time to pay your taxes. Without the right records and expert guidance, you’re risking leaving a lot of your hard-earned cash littering the landscape.

When you’re a Vault Hunter, every workplace is temporary. That’s why you can claim tax back from HMRC each year. It makes no difference whether you travel by Outrunner, Bandit Technical or even some fancy Moon Buggy, Vault Hunting puts a lot of mileage under your wheels. That trek you made from Three Horns Divide to the Vault of the Warrior is worth more than just a few levels’ worth of XP. It also scores you 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles you drove, and 25p per mile after that.

It’s not just travel, either. Any time you’re reaching into your own backpack to pay for the essential tools of your trade, you could be owed money back from HMRC. That Hyperion Invader with the 5-round burst you bought in a vending machine Deal of the Day could be worth its weight in Eridium shards when you’re putting together your tax rebate claim. Without good records of where you went and what you spent, though, that’s cash you’ll never see again. Even the 7% fee you paid to respawn at the New-U station in Tundra Express after Wilhelm dropped you with his spinning attack can count toward your refund, so keep your books up to date at all times.

With Borderlands 3 only a few weeks away, it feels like everyone’s got their eyes fixed on the horizon. That’s an easy, and often costly, mistake to make - so remember to look back once in a while. Tax refunds can be claimed for up to 4-years, so even if you never made a claim back in your Borderlands 2 days, you could still claw back what you’re owed. If you’ve already made a claim with RIFT, you’re in even better shape for the sequel. We’ve already got most of the information we need to take on the taxman for you. Just as importantly, you’re used to keeping good records now, so you’ll be in line for an even bigger loot drop when your claim’s paid out.

In the last 4 months alone, RIFT has claimed back a massive £14 million for over 14,000 professional Vault Hunters just like you. That’s £1,000 per customer that would otherwise have been snatched up by Lab Rats and Loot Goons. When you’re facing down the worst that Pandora has to offer, you need a strong partner watching your back. In a drop-in/drop-out world, we’ll never leave you stuck in a Fight For Your Life or let you wander off the map. It might be skag-eat-skag out there, but your tax refund is the biggest loot chest on Pandora, and RIFT is your Golden Key.

It costs nothing to see if you could be due a tax refund.  Check our our tax rebate calculator to get an instant estimate of how much you could be owed.