It's time to flip over your financial calendars and start the 2018/19 tax year the right way. That means getting a few bits of housekeeping sorted, enjoying your new Personal Allowance of £11,850 and claiming back what the taxman owes you. Every year, HMRC finds itself sitting on £800m in unpaid tax refunds for expenses whose owners never come for them. With the new tax year already started on the 6th of April, it's the perfect time to put your claim together with RIFT.

That's exactly what over 2000 well prepared RIFT customers have done. They've been keeping everything up to date throughout the year and as soon as the tax year ticked over their claims were ready to go to HMRC.

Another 3,000 customers have already submitted their claim info for their Personal Tax Specialist to check they have everything they need to get the biggest refund possible using their MyRIFT accounts.

Already this tax year, almost 4,000 documents have been uploaded to MyRIFT and around 4,500 people have logged in around 10,000 times between them to add their information for this year’s claim.

All told, the total value of claims we're working on right now has already zoomed past £1m and the tax year is only a few days old. Even so, it's a drop in the ocean when you realise how many people are still missing out.

Not claimed a tax refund before?

In case you don't already know about tax refunds, here are the basics. Between rising food bills, travel costs and other essential expenses, it's getting more pricey to get to work every year. When you're travelling to temporary workplaces, HMRC says you can claim back some tax on those costs - and others besides.

“Temporary” basically means anywhere you work for under 24 months. You can't claim anything back for a regular commute to a permanent workplace, for instance. If you do qualify, though, you're probably leaving thousands of pounds on the taxman's table every year if you don't claim your refund.

Just answering 4 simple questions to find out what you're owed could kick-start your claim and put cash back in your pocket. Or you could give our tax refund calculator a go to get an instant estimate of how much your tax rebate could be worth.

Making sure you get back everything you're owed.

Even those who already know about tax refunds struggle to get back everything they're owed. Even traditional accountants who aren't refund specialists have a tough time keeping up with all the specialist regulations for each industry. 

Picking your way through HMRC's rules can be a nightmare without help, and far too many people end up claiming far too little back.

Tricky areas like CIS tax refunds take a specialist to tackle well, and with 20% of your pay on the line under the CIS scheme, it really does pay to get it right! Luckily RIFT has a dedicated CIS team to help make sure you get everything you should.

Tax Refunds claims are going up

So, it's costing more than ever to get to work – but there's a positive side to that, too. With most of us paying more for our work expenses, the average refund claim is rising year on year. Of course, if you never claim it back you'll never feel the benefit. In 2017, petrol and diesel prices went up by about 9p per litre. Over the course of a year, that can suck a lot of purchasing power out of your pocket – an average of an extra £108, according to the AA.

When you drive for work, you can't just cut down the travel you're doing to make up the costs, either. In fact, it looks like a lot of us are actually travelling further for our jobs each year. Housing prices and other pressures are sending us further afield and pushing up journey times and costs. Major new projects in the building trade are having an effect, as well – from Manchester's Angel Meadows to Battersea Power Station. These developments are hungry for skilled labour, which means a lot of construction workers making long journeys. It takes a tax refund to put things right, but there are still far too many people missing out.

Get the experts in

With RIFT on your team, you've got the UK's leading tax experts behind your yearly refunds. We're always on top of the latest regulations, so you always get the most from your claims. Just as importantly, we keep you and your money safe by sticking firmly to the rules. Claiming more than you're due can bring serious trouble, even if you do it accidentally. That's why it's always best to get professional help from a real specialist like RIFT.

To date, we've claimed back a grand total of almost £200m for our customers, and made sure they kept it.

That's why around so people keep coming back year after year, and 96% say they would recommend us to friends, colleagues and family.

The tax rules are a rocky road to walk alone, so get the best help going. Get the experts on the case and talk to RIFT about getting back what's yours from HMRC, or answer our 4 quick questions to get your refund claim rolling now.

If you've made a claim with us before and are keen to get going again then either call us on 01233 628648, log in to your MyRIFT account, or visit the My Next Claim page for more information.