We’re always looking for ways to make tax refund claims easier and more rewarding. That’s what your free RIFT app is all about. Every year, 2 out of every 3 UK workers misses out altogether on the tax refunds they should have claimed. Many more end up with less than they’re owed because they didn’t have the right help when they squared off with the taxman.

Our Refer a Friend scheme has always been one of the things you like most about us. That’s why we’ve been asking you what we can do to make it even better. Now, earning cash rewards and prizes for referring your mates to RIFT is easier than ever. You can even do it right from the app!

Here’s how it works:

  • Just plug in a few basic contact details for the friend you’re referring.
  • If your mate’s in your device’s address book, you can refer them directly from that.
  • Sit back and wait while RIFT does the rest. Simple!

New Feature: Track Your Earnings

You can now see at-a-glance the total you’ve earned through Refer a Friend:

  • Every referral payment you’ve had
  • Every £150 bonus payment made each time 5 more friends make a claim

New Feature: See Your Status

You can now see whether you're currently in the Gold, Silver or Bronze referral tier based on how many of your friends have completed their claims in the last 12 months.

On top of all that, we’ll let you know about what you could win in our regular prize draws – and and how much is on offer in the Bronze, Silver or Gold cash prize tiers.

New Feature: Track Your Referrals

Just like your tax refund claims, you told us you wanted to be able to keep better track of your Refer a Friend progress. However you send your mates our way, whether by phone, web or the app itself, all the information will show up on your screen. A quick look at the list will tell you exactly who you’ve recommended RIFT to and when you did it.

A tap on the “status” tab will let you know which of your mates have got back to us, which have started their claim and which already have their refund cash. If you spot someone in danger of missing out, you’ll be able to give them a nudge to make sure they get their claim rolling.

The “earnings” tab will show you all the payments you’ve had and all the prizes you’ve won through Refer a Friend. You’ll quickly see exactly what you’ve earned, what it was for and when it arrived.

What's Next?

We’re going to keep working with you to make the RIFT app even better. We’ll keep bringing new features and updates to make sure it does everything you need it to. We’ve got big plans already, and we’re always listening - so keep that feedback coming!

There’s never a good reason to let your mates miss out on their tax refunds. Make sure they get what they’re owed – and earn a little extra for yourself along the way with Refer a Friend and the RIFT app.