We built the RIFT app by listening to you. You said you wanted an instant and easy way to check your claim’s progress, and we delivered. You told us you needed at-your-fingertips access to our guides, offers and news updates, and we made it happen. Now, we’ve listened again with a brand new upgrade to the app’s Refer a Friend feature.

Now, when you’ve referred someone to RIFT and they haven’t got in touch with us after 1 week, you’ll see a “send reminder” option appear in the app. Just tap that link and we’ll do the rest!

We all want to help see our friends safely through tough times. With the cost of living soaring right now, that’s on our minds more than ever. The RIFT app was designed to make it simple to refer your mates to us, putting potentially thousands of pounds back in their pockets at a critical time.

Sometimes, though, life just gets in the way and they never find time to make their refund claims. You asked us for a way to give your friends a quick “nudge” to make sure they don’t miss out on what they’re owed, and that’s exactly what we’ve just launched.

Now, when you’ve referred someone to RIFT and they haven’t got in touch with us after [X] weeks, you’ll see a “send reminder” option appear in the app. Just tap that button and we’ll do the rest!
With the RIFT app, there really is nothing stopping you from looking out for your mates, and earning cash rewards starting at £50 for your good deeds. Let’s prove it by busting a few of the top Refer a Friend myths:

Myth: “I don’t know anyone who could claim a tax refund.”

Busted: It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do. If you’re on the books and paying out for essential work expenses, you could have a claim. That’s why it’s so important to talk to a RIFT Personal Tax Specialist to make sure you get back what you’re owed. Your mates may not have the exact same expenses as you to claim for, but there’s no reason for them to miss out.

Myth: “Everyone I know is already claiming.”

Busted: It’s easy to assume that everyone else knows about tax refunds just because you do. The thing is, 2 out of 3 UK workers never make their claims, mostly because they don’t realise they can. Even if they’ve heard about tax relief for expenses, they may not have had the time to look into it – and a crafty nudge from a friend could make all the difference! Check the RIFT app to see how the mates you’ve referred are getting on with their claims. If they haven’t got in touch with RIFT yet, give them a shout so they don’t end up losing their cash.

Myth: “I won’t really get £50 for each referral, will I?”

Busted: Yes, you absolutely will – and potentially a lot more on top! Don’t forget, for every 5 referrals you make, you get a bonus of £150 as well. So far, we’ve paid out well over £130,000 in Refer a Friend rewards, with the top amount paid to a single referrer reaching £2,600! As long as we’ve got your details, you’ll get your rewards. That means your mates need to use the form from our app or website to give us your name or referral code. If they contact us by email, they can drop your details there, too.

Myth: “No one really wins the big prizes.”

Busted: Oh, yes they do! Every single prize from our regular draws has a winner, and they’re more than happy to let you know about it. Check out our Refer a Friend Winners’ Gallery to see who’s grabbing the big prizes, and read what they have to say about RIFT.

Myth: “I don’t like pestering my friends about tax refunds.”

Busted: We get it. No one wants to be a tax bore – but wouldn’t you be glad if a mate returned a well stuffed wallet you’d dropped in the street? That’s exactly what you’re doing when you let your friends know they could claim a tax refund with RIFT - putting an average of £2,500 of their own lost cash back in their hands. With the cost of living rising and our finances getting squeezed harder than ever, that’s got to be worth a few brownie points or a couple of pints at the local, hasn’t it? Not to mention the £50 reward you’ll be getting when they make their claim.

The RIFT app is a great way to track your progress of your own refund claim, read helpful guides and keep up to date on important HMRC news. With its Refer a Friend features, you can even:

  • See all the people you’ve referred to RIFT, and check whether they’ve started their claims
  • Get a running total of all the rewards you’ve earned through the scheme, and see when you were paid
  • Track your progress through our Bronze, Silver and Gold reward tiers
  • Check the latest competitions you’ve qualified for and the prizes you could win

You’re always looking for ways to get your mates through difficult times, and we’re always looking for ways to perfect our app and services. Let’s keep the conversation going. Talk to your friends about claiming their tax refunds, and keep talking to RIFT about how we can help.

Log into the RIFT app. If you've not used the app yet then you can download it from the Apple and Google Play stores. You can remind any friends who haven't been in contact with us, send an invitation by email or text, see if your friend has been in touch, and check your reward payments.