Is there anything that brings our nation together more reliably than a shared love of the humble brew-up?

Yes, we still argue from time to time about when to put the milk in (first, always first) or whether or not it’s okay to use a microwave (only in the most dire of life-and-death emergencies). Still, though, these dilemmas are nothing that can’t be hashed out over a steaming cuppa between friends.

On the 21st of April each year, the UK celebrates its noble tradition of drinking tea by, well... drinking tea. Along the way, money gets raised for worthy causes up and down the country through “fes-tea-vals” and “chari-tea” events.

Tea is the second-most popular beverage in the entire world – second only to water – and we at RIFT firmly believe that it deserves to have its day. So, to celebrate the thoroughly British tradition of good friends setting things to rights over a strong brew, here are some of our favourite tea-related facts:

  • A typical Brit drinks between 2 and 3 cups of tea per day. That adds up to about 165 million cuppas brewed overall – or over 60 billion cups a year!

  • We’re a generous nation when it comes to offering our tea around to friends and loved ones. However, a polite refusal doesn’t always mean a guest isn’t a tea drinker. They may just be among the 7% or us who are so picky that we can’t drink a cup we haven’t made for ourselves!
  • Scientifically and historically speaking, the milk really does go in first. The British quirk of adding milk is something that baffles much of the rest of the tea-drinking world – but there’s a good reason behind it. Early tea drinkers were concerned over the condition of their porcelain, so lining a cup with a little milk was a way of taking some of the heat out of the liquid to prevent cracks. It was so successful that now over 90% of British tea lovers take theirs with milk

  • The optimum brewing time for a standard-strength cup of tea is about 2 minutes. However, 4 out of 5 of us never wait that long!

  • While we’re one of the most outspoken tea supporters in the world, the UK isn’t actually its biggest consumer. Proportionally speaking, the Republic of Ireland takes the biscuit, with 3 in 4 people drinking an average of 6 cups a day!

However you take your brew, we can all agree that the good, old-fashioned cuppa is always best shared with friends. So, why not serve it with the perfect accompaniment: a generous helping of tax refund cash?

In the time it takes to boil the water, a few quick taps on the RIFT app could refer your tea-drinking partners to us for their refund claim. You could be pouring thousands of pounds into their bank accounts, and brewing up a storm* of cash reward and prize draw entries for yourself!

Stick the kettle on, get your referrals steaming in and celebrate National Tea Day in style with RIFT Refer a Friend.

*in a teacup, of course...