The Mountbatten Festival of Music annual event returns with the world-renown massed bands of Her Majesty's Royal Marines taking centre stage at the Royal Albert Hall with a diverse music repertoire of traditional military marches, unique creations and famous compositions from movies and theatre.

The Corps of Army Music is the true public face of the British Army, representing the traditions and ethos of the country’s Armed Forces around the world. From supporting troops on public marches through cities and towns across the UK to mounting world-class spectacles with the renowned Corps of Army Music always takes centre stage with its:

  • 7 Symphonic wind bands - marching and traditional music
  • 2 Wind bands - marching and traditional music
  • 6 Multi capability bands - marching and contemporary music
  • 3 Brass bands - marching and traditional music
  • 1 String orchestra
  • 3 Specialist bands - modern pop music

That make up 22 Regular and 19 Reserve Army bands based throughout the UK who travel throughout the UK and the world.

In a lot of ways, it represents the core identity of the UK military, and RIFT is proud to support Corps personnel in their dealings with HMRC.

Travel and work expenses

With two distinct roles within the forces, additional training and practise, not to mention the care and maintenance of the instruments themselves, Army Musicians can have more expenses to claim than they often realise.

We've claimed back £63 million in tax refunds for our MOD customers travel and work expenses, so if you've been paying to travel to work, training or for specialist equipment, check if you're owed an Armed Forces tax refund here.

RIFT is honoured to help lighten the load of the UK’s Armed Forces, making sure that HMRC never takes more than it’s due from our Armed Forces customers. That's why over 80% of Armed Forces we've completed tax refunds for tell us they want to claim with us again, and 89% say we get them a bigger refund than they could have got themselves or using a non specialist agent.

82% of Armed Forces customers say they biggest barrier they have to getting their money back is simply time to claim it. With army life involving a great deal of travel, seeing the world is often picked out as one of the key rewards of the job after all, that leaves even less time to get round to making a claim. Let us help you out with that. 

Did you know...

As MOD personnel, you’re entitled to claim tax back on many of the key expenses of your work. That includes:

  • Travel to temporary workplaces (under 24 months).
  • Mess dress.
  • Food and accommodation costs.
  • Travel to and from essential training courses.

The range of skills and challenges involved in MOD life is immense, and every tax refund claim is unique. RIFT has 7 specialist Armed Forces refund teams dedicated to making sure the taxman always plays fair with military personnel.

An average Armed Forces tax refund claim comes to £795 per year – money that will just be lining HMRC’s pockets if it isn’t claimed back. RIFT is honoured to work with over 35,000 UK military customers to get those refunds back where they belong.

Wherever your work with the Corps of Army Music takes you, when it comes to tax refunds you’re better off with RIFT.

RIFT are the UK's leading tax rebate and tax return experts, dealing with HMRC since 1999.