Record numbers of the Armed Forces community are cashing in after the MOD confirmed that service personnel are eligible for tax refunds from HMRC.
It’s estimated that over £180 million goes unclaimed each year for travel expenses and RIFT Tax Refunds, the UK’s largest tax refund specialists, have been fighting to get back what is rightfully yours.
Since the MOD’s statement, which also confirmed claims for refunds could be made on your behalf, there has been a huge rush by service personnel to apply.

Do I Qualify For An MOD Tax Refund?
“We’ve seen a massive uptake in claims,”

says Jan Post, managing director at RIFT.

“People would be shocked if they realised how much tax they may have overpaid over the years that’s sitting with the taxman.

“We specialise in protecting people’s interests and getting back what is rightfully theirs. It’s particularly satisfying to help our armed forces who lead such busy lives they often don’t have the time to sit down and deal with masses of paperwork and applications.”
Thanks to the explosion in successful claims, RIFT has now helped claw back over £20 million in overpaid taxes for current and former armed forces personnel alone.

Operation Tax Refund

Darryl Campbell is a typical example of a service leaver who was unaware for many years he had overpaid tax and yet within months of speaking with RIFT about his tax situation he received a cheque for £3,214.
“Just before I left the army a mate mentioned I might be able to claim some tax back for my travel to base over the years,” says Darryl.  “I had no idea it was possible, but I had nothing to lose and rang up RIFT just before the New Year. By March I had a cheque in my hand.”
Jan says RIFT see cases like Darryl’s everyday:

“Many think tax refunds are only for people in traditional businesses, they don’t realise it can apply to service personnel who use their own vehicle to travel to different bases and for things like Mess Dress.
"People who may be under financial pressure or looking to build a nest egg are often missing out on funds that could make a huge difference to them and their families and it isn’t fair. But you won’t get it if you don’t ask”
Darryl used his refund to help cover the costs for moving into a new flat, paying off a loan and going on holiday.
Making Travel Pay

A big attraction for a career in the military is the promise of action, adventure and chance to travel. But while you may have joined the forces to avoid a desk bound job filling out forms and pushing pens, all that travel and time in exotic (or not so exotic) places could mean you’re also eligible for a significant tax refund.
If you drive your own vehicle or use public transport to get to the bases you’re posted to, you could due a tax refund of £2,500 (based on a four year claim).
Like Darryl, Lee Smith, a Lance Corporal (Catterick Garrison), claimed through RIFT and saw £2,724 come back to him. In Lee’s case his claim covered travel both in and out of the UK (both flights and car travel) and was spread over a four year period.
“The best part was it didn’t require any effort on my part,” says Lee.  “RIFT did all the legwork and their Rapid Refund service meant I had the money before I knew it. I’ve told everyone in my barracks and now I’m getting referral money too."

Call In The Cavalry

It’s probably not much of an exaggeration to say that many in the military would happily repeat the worst PT session they’ve ever had to sweat through if it got them out of the chore of a filling in a tax form. But happily, with tax refunds you can get someone else to do the grunt work for you.
So don’t get bogged down in the fiddly details. Sit back and deploy RIFT to head into action on your behalf. It’s your money and we want to fight to get it back.

RIFT have been the UK's leading tax rebate and tax return experts since 1999. Try our free and easy to use tax refund calculator to get an instant estimate of how much your HMRC claim could be.