A good marriage has always been about give and take, and the taxman has finally cottoned on. Since last April, a change in the rules has meant married couples can save up to £220 in tax each year. If you missed the boat on this last year, you can even backdate it so you don't lose out!

How does The Marriage Allowance Work?

If you're making less than the tax-free Personal Allowance of £11,000, you can transfer £1,100 of your own Personal Allowance to your partner. That counts for civil partnerships as well as marriages. Your partner can't be earning more than the Basic Rate tax threshold of £43,000 to qualify, though.

Pensioners can still apply, as can people living abroad - as long as they've got a Personal Allowance to transfer.

Remember that you don't even need to have an income to have a Personal Allowance - so don't think you'll be left out because you aren't earning. Your partner will get a new tax code (usually 1166M), while yours will sprout an N at the end of it. Those changes are nothing to worry about and we have everything you need to know on our tax codes explained pages.

What Happens If My Circumstances Change?

Once you've set it up, you don't need to apply again unless your circumstances change. Getting divorced will obviously put a stop to the arrangement (so will death, as you'd probably already guessed). You can even cancel it yourself if you need to.

The other thing that might make a difference is if either of your incomes changes. Depending on how that works out, you might no longer be getting the benefit of your Marriage Allowance. In fact, you might not even qualify for it any more. Again, get in touch with RIFT to keep yourself on the right track.

How Do You Apply For Marriage Allowance?

Applying for Marriage Allowance isn't too difficult. You can do it all online at the government website. You'll need both of your National Insurance numbers, of course - along with some proof of identity. Jump those minor hurdles and you're away.

The Marriage Allowance scheme is going to be a pretty good deal for some families. Pensioners are likely to do particularly well out of it, as are couples where only one partner works. As always, RIFT will make sure you are getting all the right allowances, so give us a call it will be a marriage made in heaven.