If you've been dragging your heels over claiming back the tax you're owed for 2013/14, it's time to pick your feet up. As soon as we tick over into the next tax year on April the 6th 2018, you'll have missed your shot!

Every year, that's exactly what happens to thousands of people in the UK. All told, that's a shocking £180 million of British taxpayers' money getting pocketed by the taxman instead of being refunded. It's not like HMRC's even trying to hold onto it, either. As a matter of fact, they're doing their best to give it back where it's owed, but the message isn't getting through.

The bottom line is that HMRC can't refund your money unless they know exactly what they owe you. That means you have to show the taxman exactly what you've overpaid, and prove it. Any cash that isn't claimed inside 4-years is gone forever.

This isn't some rare fluke that hardly ever happens, either. In fact, over 30% of taxpayers in the UK are owed a tax refund and don't know it. That money won't show up in your wage slips, because it isn't being paid to HMRC directly by your employer. It's the tax you've paid on things like petrol driving for work, or on public transport. You're paying that tax at the till every time you shell out for the necessary expenses of your job. That means you can claim it back.

The taxman, despite what he'd like you to believe, isn't psychic. He doesn't magically know what you've spent on things like work travel, tools, accommodation or meals. That stuff doesn't appear on any of your wage paperwork, which is why it's so important to keep good records and hoard receipts.

A lot of people never even realise that tax refunds exist for their kinds of work. Others know about them, but always assumed they aren't worth the hassle. To be fair, there is some bookkeeping involved – but you don't have to break your back over it. If you've travelled for work in the last 4-years, for instance, use our free tax refund calculator to see what you're due.

It's critical to realise that it's not too late to get back what the taxman owes you from previous years. An average 4-year refund hits a whopping £2,500. If you're only claiming for a single year, you could be missing out on thousands!

There's a catch, though. The deadline for claiming your cash back is strict. As soon as the new tax year starts, your tax rebate for 2013/14 is off the table for good. The sooner you get your skates on, the easier it'll be to get the most out of your refund.

Don't forget that you can still claim if you've changed jobs or employers over those last 4-years. It doesn't even matter if you've changed the whole way you work. If you've switched from PAYE construction work to being self-employed under CIS, for instance, your claim's still valid. It doesn't even matter if the company you worked for's gone under in the meantime! Even if you can't get the same kinds of refund you did before, whatever you're owed from them is still yours to claim. All you've got to do to get it is hit that all-important deadline.

Preparing and filing a tax return can be daunting, but RIFT are the UK's leading experts at getting back what you're owed. If you think you might have a claim for the 2013/14 tax year, this is your last chance to get your money.

The taxman will always try to play fair, once he's got all the information he needs. The only person who can ever cheat you out of your tax refund is you!

Contact RIFT to get the wheels turning in the right direction on your tax rebate, before your cash drops off the cliff edge on April the 6th! Having problems with your tax return? Let us know and we can help with that too.