The weather’s getting a little warmer, the outlook’s getting a little brighter and the UK’s set to open its doors at last. Now’s time to unlock the full value of your yearly tax refund with RIFT. After all, you’ve been sowing the seeds of your refund claim all year, so we think you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labour. We’re all looking forward to sunnier times, so let’s see how British households are planning to treat themselves in the coming months.

Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve all done our best to keep our chins up. According to a survey by bargain-hunter site, UK households in lockdown have been blowing through almost £50 a week on online shopping for treats and little extras. For many of us, having a delivery to look forward to is just a way of getting through our drearier days. In some cases, people are even seeing an improvement in their mental health just from “online retail therapy”. Obviously, there are dangers and down-sides to splashing out when money’s tight. However, many UK workers have been seeing a drop in their everyday commuting costs during the lockdown. There’s no harm in treating yourself if you’ve got a little unexpected extra cash.

With the end of the country-wide restrictions now firmly in sight, though, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll celebrate the summer. With a healthy tax refund to look forward to, that first garden barbecue of 2021’s set to be a real banger. So, what will your refund mean for your post-lockdown party plans?

  • A fancy new barbecue and garden furniture set?
  • An outdoor hot tub to chill out in?
  • Finally sorting out that patio you’ve always wanted?
  • A swing set or playhouse to pry the kids away from their screens for a bit?

While we’re talking about seeing mates we’ve been kept away from for so long, why not make sure they’re getting their tax refunds as well? When you recommend RIFT Tax Refunds to your mates, you’re actively putting money back in their pockets – and yours. On top of the standard reward payments you get, right now you’ll have a shot at scoring an extra £500 in our Refer a Friend prize draw! How’s that for the perfect set-up to a Bank Holiday weekend?

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while. A tax refund is your money, not HMRC’s. Get your refund started now to get your cash back in time for the celebrations - and remember to make sure your mates aren’t missing out either. Check out the RIFT Refer a Friend scheme to get their refund claims rolling, and score cash rewards and prize draw entries for yourself at the same time.

It’s always been win/win with RIFT Refer a Friend, but now it’s win, win and win again!

Use our mileage expenses calculator to get an instant estimate of how much you can claim back on your travel expenses from HMRC.