With the UK’s football grounds reopening and the Euro 2020 underway, the country’s going football crazy all over again. All across the nation, people are dreaming of scoring legendary victories and living the lives of professional players.

Hopes are particularly high this year, with England strongly fancied to go the whole distance and France reckoned as the team to beat to get there. It’s been 55 long years since England’s last win on a stage this size, but Premier League top scorer Harry Kane thinks the talent’s up to the task. Here’s his take:

“I think if I finish my career as a footballer without winning a major trophy for England, I would see that as a failure.

“I know we are still progressing, still got room to improve, but that is the goal and I think we can do that.”

As every football fan knows, there’s a lot of money in the Beautiful Game. As a big-name Premier League striker, Harry Kane’s making serious money on the pitch. At just 27 years old, his salary for 2021 alone comes to a whopping £10,400,000! Let’s take a quick look at how that breaks down:

  • Yearly: £10,400,000
  • Monthly: £866,667
  • Weekly: £200,000

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