On a frosty mornng in 1999, Jan Post was struck by the sight of a cold, older construction worker at the Eurotunnel site, struggling across a muddy field to his caravan to microwave a jacket potato for his lunch.

He was living day to day and down to his last few pounds - and yet there was £1000s of his money sitting at HMRC because he was travelling to sites for work and you should not pay tax on those costs.

He didn't know (most people don't) that he had overpaid tax every time he filled up his car, bought food, tools or clothing, or had to stay overnight for a job. No one had ever told him about needing to submit a claim to get that money back and, as he told Jan, even if he had known he wouldn't have had the time. knowledge or confidence to know where to start with it himself.

She knew at once there was a way to lighten that man’s load, by helping him to prepare his tax return so that he could claim back the overpaid tax he was due.

Decades later, RIFT has helped well over 116,000 workers claim literally hundreds of millions of pounds back from HMRC – and we’re here to make you and your friends, family and colleagues aren't losing out!