Because YOU demanded it, RIFT’s Double Acts scheme is back in time for Christmas. To celebrate, we’re making a list – and you’d better believe we’re checking it twice. Get ready for your chance to win £1,000 each for you and a mate when you use our Refer a Friend system to sort out a RIFT tax refund for your nearest and/or dearest this Christmas.

While you’re picking your partners for your personal Double Act entries, here’s some inspiration in the form of our top 5 Christmas-themed buddy movies.

5) Gremlins: Billy Peltzer and Gizmo

When hapless inventor Randall Peltzer brought home an unusual pet for his son Billy at Christmas, he unwittingly set up an amazing on-screen buddy act. Okay, sure – as Christmas presents go, this one probably came with a little more mass murder and property destruction than most. Even so, Gizmo and Billy make a terrific and genuinely heart-warming on-screen double act. Besides, if you haven’t been chased through a department store by a deranged, chainsaw-wielding lizard-goblin at least once, have you really experienced Christmas at all?

4) Rocky 4: Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed

Okay, it’s been 35 years but this one still hurts. After two mammoth, brutal ring battles, these titans of the cinematic boxing world had learned a level of mutual respect that few ever attain. Tragically, it was that overwhelming respect that finally put an end to the career and life of Apollo Creed – with Rocky trapped between accepting his friend’s wishes and saving his life. A moment’s hesitation took the decision out of his hands forever, and left Creed at the non-existent mercy of ultimate Cold Warrior Ivan Drago.

But, yeah – it’s set at Christmas so it still counts. Plus, there’s a robot - unless you get the 2020 Director’s Cut, where they’re apparently taking him out – it’s an outrage!

3) Batman Returns: Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth

If there’s one thing you really look for in a best friend, it’s loyalty. That’s precisely what a man like Alfred brings to the table. It makes no difference whether he’s folding Batman’s socks, offering him heartfelt relationship advice or helping him battle an army of child-stealing circus performers. Alfred and Bruce are a double act built on absolute mutual trust and an unfailing devotion to duty. That’s the kind of back-up we all need to get us though another hard day of punching clowns and penguin-men in their weird, pasty faces.

2) Trading Places: Louis Winthorpe III and Billy Ray Valentine

Like Rocky and Apollo, these two might not have exactly started out on the same page, but they came together when it counted. Crammed into each other’s shoes to settle a bet between a pair of super-rich commodities brokers, Louis and Billy Ray successfully turned the tables and financially ruined their tormentors by upending their insider trading scam. Not only is Trading Places an amazing Christmas film, but it also taught a whole generation the basics of negotiating orange juice futures on the commodities market!

1) Lethal Weapon: Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs

Don’t pretend you didn’t know this was coming. When it comes to top Christmas buddy movies, you couldn’t write a list like this without putting Lethal Weapon on it. This film has it all: explosive action, fantastic dialogue and Gary Busey burning himself on purpose with a cigarette lighter. Being a truly great buddy means, whatever your differences, you’re always there for each other when it counts. That’s the Riggs/Murtaugh magic, and it’s what lands Lethal Weapon the top slot on out RIFT Rundown list this month.

So, who’s your buddy for RIFT Double Acts this year? If you haven’t got in on the action yet, it’s time to get moving. You’ve got until 6th December to secure your entry for the upcoming £1,000 Star Prize draw, and the return of RIFT Double Acts means there’s twice as much up to play for.

Every time you refer a mate or family member to us, you get a £50 cash reward when they claim their tax refund with RIFT. Every 5 people you’ve referred who make a RIFT refund claim net you an additional £150! On top of all that, your referrals automatically enter you into our prize draws, with a Star Prize of £1,000!

With RIFT Double Acts, when you win the Star Prize, you and your partner BOTH get the benefit. That’s £1,000 each for you and your mate!

You can read all about Refer a Friend here, so get your referrals in to grab your cash rewards and prize draw entries.