Giving Tuesday is a global day of celebrating charity and working to change the world. Landing on the 3rd of December this year, it’s an opportunity to give something back, and to offer a hand up to people in need all over the globe. It doesn’t even need to be money you give. If you’ve got spare time or much-needed skills, Giving Tuesday is a chance to put them to good use. Whether it means putting your hand in your pocket or organising local fundraising events, Giving Tuesday’s about supporting a cause and doing some good.

Close to £8 million have already been donated online in the UK, with the world-wide total reaching $98 million. That’s over half as much again as the figures for 2017. As the world record holder for the most money raised for charity in 24 hours, Giving Tuesday is making its mark and having a real impact on people’s lives.

At RIFT, we’re proud of the partnerships we’ve formed with UK charities. Our friends at ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, for example, have just celebrated their 75th year of easing the burdens of military veterans and families in times of hardship or bereavement. All told, our donations to ABF have now reached £255,923.28, stacking up at around £38,000 a year. The charity’s many projects are a perfect and inspirational example of the good that can be done, from their work providing housing, education and training to soldiers and veterans to their grants supporting other organisations that are out there making a genuine difference.

Meanwhile, our Lighthouse Club partners are working hard to ensure that the construction community always has the financial and emotional support structure it needs to thrive. Their Construction Industry Helpline is a vital resource in an industry that claims lives through suicide at a shocking 3 times the national average. Their recent free app launch is aiming to put essential information, guidance and confidential advice within reach for construction workers struggling with mental health issues. Tickets for their Christmas Lunch events are selling our fast across the UK, so move fast to secure your booking here. If you’re going to the London event, RIFT will see you there!

The official Giving Tuesday site has a range of resources available to help you get involved, whether as an individual or a business. It doesn’t take much to make a difference if we all pitch in together, so visit and make your pledge!

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