It's time to get the wheels turning on your next yearly tax rebate claim. Even if you've claimed once before, far too many people find themselves missing out on what the taxman owes them EVERY year. Some feel like it’s too difficult or stressful. Others get tangled in the rules and end up with much less than they’re due. Worse still, there are thousands who never even realise that they can claim a tax refund every year at all!

A tax refund is not a one time thing

Remember, this is money you’re owed back from HMRC each year because of the essential costs of doing your job. A tax refund isn’t like a one-time windfall or bonus. This is your money, and it’ll stay in the taxman’s clutches until you claim it back.

Every time you reach into your own pocket for unavoidable work costs or to put work mileage under your wheels, you could be owed some tax back. All it takes to make the taxman settle up again is a little bit of updating of work, travel and expenses from you and the right help from RIFT Tax Refunds

Each year that goes by without you claiming what’s yours risks that cash vanishing into the depths of HMRC forever. After 4 years, your unclaimed refunds are gone for good!

What does it take to get refund-ready for your claim this year?

With RIFT it’s easy, quick and hassle-free:

  • If you’ve claimed with RIFT before, just log into MyRIFT to update your details. Simple!
  • If you’ve never made a RIFT tax refund claim, check what you're owed, get in touch and we’ll take care of everything.
  • We’ll explain all you need to know about how refunds work, show you how RIFT can help and get you set up with a Personal Tax Account if you need one.

Will Covid make my 2021 tax refund different?

This past year’s been a challenging one, and probably makes claiming a tax refund look more daunting than ever - but we're here to make sure none of that affects you getting your money back as quickly as usual.

All the confusion over furlough systems, Job Retention Schemes and Self Employed Income Support grants mean that HMRC’s helplines are likely to be rammed with people asking questions come April.

Claiming with RIFT again means:

  • you’ll never have to worry about sitting on the taxman’s phone queues or struggling with the ins and outs of the refund system.
  • you’ll never even have to go toe-to-toe with HMRC yourself! As your official “agent”, we’ll be able to deal with them for you.
  • we’ll put your claim together each year, get it on the taxman’s desk and chase it up until it’s paid out in full.
  • we can keep you and your refund completely safe
  • you'll have the peace of mind that comes with our unlimited aftercare and RIFT guarantee
  • All you need to do is make plans for the money – and start thinking ahead to next year’s claim.

Even if you’ve had a change of employment status or circumstances, you still need to claim back the tax you’re owed. If you’ve switched from working “on the books” via PAYE to being your own boss, for instance, we can still get back the tax you’re due. Better yet, we can make sure your new business sets off on the right foot by taking care of your Self Assessment registration, Unique Taxpayer Reference number and tax returns for you.

If you’ve been travelling less for work recently, or working fewer hours, remember that you can still make a tax refund claim. Even if you’ve been made redundant or your employer’s gone under, that’s no reason to let HMRC sit on your money. The PAYE tax taken out of your wages is based on the assumption that you’ll be earning steadily throughout the year. If your income drops or you lose your job altogether, you’ll be owed some of that cash back.

As the UK’s leading tax experts, we take all the heavy lifting out of squaring off and squaring up with HMRC each year. So gear up, get in touch and get ready to claim your next refund with RIFT.

Thinking of claiming a travel tax refund? Use our quick and easily mileage tax relief calculator to see how much you could be owed from HMRC?