With the cost of living spiralling and the tax year ticking over, it’s time to get your next tax refund claim moving with RIFT. 2 out of 3 UK workers are still leaving their cash in HMRC’s hands each year, and the sooner we can get your calculations onto the taxman’s desk the sooner you’ll have your refund.

If you’ve claimed with RIFT before, you’ll get a reminder from us, but don’t feel like you have to wait for it. You can make a start straight away by logging into your MyRIFT account, or giving us a ring if you prefer.

It just takes a few updates to your details for us to get started on your refund paperwork. If you get in touch now, we’ll be able to have your claim rolling as soon as the new tax year starts. Here’s the most critical information we’ll need:

  • Where you worked and when you were there.
  • How you get there and what you spent on travel.
  • What you earned and who paid you – you can get this from your payslips.

A tax refund is not a one-and-done windfall

This is so important to realise. Every single year, around £300 million in unclaimed tax refunds vanishes into the depths of HMRC. A lot of that money rightfully belongs to people who thought they could only claim once.

Every time you pay from your own pocket for essential work costs or business mileage, you need to claim back the tax you’re owed. If you’ve missed out in previous years, there’s still a chance to claim your tax back – but you’ve got to move fast. After 4 years, any unclaimed refunds you’re still owed are gone for good!

Think you don’t qualify? Think again!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve switched employer, or even gone self-employed, in the last year. You can still get back the tax you’re due. In fact, if you’re no longer in the books, we can even get your new self-employed business off to the best possible start by handling your Self Assessment registration, Unique Taxpayer Reference number and yearly tax returns for you.

Changes in your work circumstances shouldn’t mean you have to lose out to HMRC. If you’re travelling less, your employer’s gone bust or even if you’ve stopped work altogether, you still need to make your tax refund claim. The PAYE system assumes you’ll be earning consistently throughout the whole tax year, so a redundancy or drop in your wages can leave you with a chunk of tax to claim back.

Why choose RIFT again in 2022?

Claiming your yearly tax refunds with RIFT means never having to deal with the taxman yourself. There are no hours wasted sitting on HMRC phone queues, no sweating through the tiny details of tax law and no chasing up to get what you’re owed. As your official “agent”, RIFT will handle the whole process from start to finish, with unlimited year-round aftercare at no extra charge to protect you and your refund. We get your claim calculated, checked and submitted fast, then chase the taxman until he pays out in full. All you need to do is make plans for spending or saving the money.

For even more peace of mind, our unique RIFT Guarantee adds a whole extra layer of protection to your claim. As long as you’ve played by HMRC’s rules with the information you’ve given us, the amount we calculate you’re owed is the amount you’ll get. If the taxman ever demanded any of your refund back, we’d pay him out of our pockets, not yours!

Last year, we:

  • Put £28.5 million in tax refund cash back in our customers’ wallets.
  • Spent over 11,000 hours on the phone to HMRC to sort out people’s claims.
  • Handled 106,000 HMRC letters for our customers.

97% of our customers recommend us. If you haven’t claimed with RIFT before, ask your friends and workmates about us to see why we’re the UK’s leading tax refund experts. Alternatively, check our Trust Pilot reviews to see what people are saying about our service. We take all the heavy lifting out of squaring off and squaring up with HMRC each year. So gear up, get in touch and get ready to claim your 2022 refund with RIFT.

What does it take to get refund-ready for your claim this year?

With RIFT it’s easy, quick and hassle-free:

  • If you’ve claimed with RIFT before, just log into MyRIFT to update your details. Simple!
  • If you’ve never made a RIFT tax refund claim, check what you're owed, get in touch and we’ll take care of everything.
  • We’ll explain all you need to know about how refunds work, show you how RIFT can help and get you set up with a Personal Tax Account if you need one.

Will Covid make my 2022 tax refund different?

This past couple of years have been a challenging, and probably makes claiming a tax refund look more daunting than ever - but we're here to make sure none of that affects you getting your money back as quickly as usual.

Even if you’ve had a change of employment status or circumstances, you still need to claim back the tax you’re owed. If you’ve switched from working “on the books” via PAYE to being your own boss, for instance, we can still get back the tax you’re due. Better yet, we can make sure your new business sets off on the right foot by taking care of your Self Assessment registration, Unique Taxpayer Reference number and tax returns for you.

If you didn't make a claim in 2021 because you thought you might not be due anything because you travelled less, or worked fewer hours, then we'll check that for you, just to be sure. We can claim for the previous 4 tax years so you won't miss out if you were owed money.

Even if you’ve been made redundant or your employer’s gone under, that’s no reason to let HMRC sit on your money. The PAYE tax taken out of your wages is based on the assumption that you’ll be earning steadily throughout the year. If your income drops or you lose your job altogether, you’ll be owed some of that cash back.

As the UK’s leading tax experts, we take all the heavy lifting out of squaring off and squaring up with HMRC each year. So gear up, get in touch and get ready to claim your next refund with RIFT.

Thinking of claiming a travel tax refund? Use our quick and easily mileage tax relief calculator to see how much you could be owed from HMRC?