Holmes and Watson, Han and Chewie, Tango and Cash – there’s no bond as solid as a good bromance. We’re talking about more than occasional pub meet-ups and weekend 5-a-side here. Real friendships are built to last. From the worksite to the battlefield, knowing you’ve got your mates watching your back makes all the difference – and RIFT’s Refer a Friend scheme is all about celebrating that difference.

You’ve heard all the old sayings: you can’t put a price on friendship. Money can’t buy you love. That’s all true – but friendship can still have its rewards. On average, people in the UK owe their mates and families close to £3,000 at any one time – just in casual loans, for the most part. A typical Brit is owed over £400 by friends and relatives. Friendship might not have a price, but it definitely has a value.

To get serious for a second before we go back to joking about Kirk and Spock or whatever, it’s the people closest to you who tend to spot when you’re struggling first. A lot of the time, they’ll see it even before you do. With men in the building trade ranking right at the top for suicide risk, it’s so important to have that crucial support around you. Whatever job you do, you’ve got to know that someone’s looking out for you.

What makes a great mate?

We’ve been asking RIFT customers what it takes to be a real friend. Here are a few of our favourite answers:

  • Someone to cover the cost of the taxi after you lose your bank card on a night out.
  • Someone who’ll stop you from sending that one text that you know you shouldn't send.
  • Your cheerleader when you accept the Man VS Food Challenge.
  • Someone to pool pennies with till payday.
  • That very important person to discuss your very important fantasy football ideas with.
  • Someone who never questions your love of KFC gravy.
  • Someone to refer to RIFT to get you £50.

Scientific research tells us that a human brain can handle up to 5 “best mate” slots, along with about 15 “good friend” ones. Yes, there are scientists paid specifically to work stuff like this out. Here’s another one for you: it takes as much as 4-years to earn one of those “besties” positions. With 5 of those developed over 4-years, you’re looking at around 20 man-years of investment there, and it’s time it paid off.

Cash In Your Contacts

In the spirit of friendship (with benefits), RIFT’s Refer a Friend scheme lets you turn that investment into cold, hard cash and more. You can read up on the scheme here, but the basics are:

  • Every time you refer someone to us who goes on to make a tax refund claim, we send you £50 as thanks.
  • Refer 5 people and we'll throw in an extra £150, for a total of £400.

There are also regular prize draws to grab even more cash and other goodies – and you can tag a mate on our Facebook page for a shot at a £100 Friends with Benefits reward!

Refer a Friend isn’t just about cashing in on your mates. You’re doing them a genuine good turn at the same time. After all, a tax refund from HMRC beats an emergency loan hands down. Getting back what the taxman owes you in a tax rebate could be just what your mate needs to solve a crisis or turn a bad year around – and isn’t that what friends are really for?